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What is Live Resin Delta 8?

What is Live Resin Delta 8?

Live resin delta 8 is the latest trend taking the cannabis world by storm. Keep reading to learn more about live resin delta 8, and why it is a must-try concentrate.  

What is Live Resin?

Live resin is a cannabis concentrate that has been extracted through a process that preserves the taste and smell of the cannabis plant better than typical extraction methods. This method of extraction creates a unique flavor profile and delivers a more complex high to users. Live resin is a popular choice among cannabis users for dabbing, vaping or topping off bowls, joints, or blunts. 

What are Terpenes?

Live resin has shot into popularity due to the fact that the terpenes of the cannabis plant are better preserved within the final compound than in cured resin, but what are terpenes? Terpenes account for the aromas of many flowers, and they are what gives the cannabis plant its signature “skunky” scent. Terpenes work together to create the unique scents and tastes of varying cannabis strains, and can also impact the mood-altering effects of those strains. 

How is Live Resin Made? 

Live resin concentrate is made by freezing fresh cannabis before and during the extraction process, rather than trimming and drying it. Freezing the cannabis instead of drying it helps to preserve the plant’s unique terpene profile, which gives the end resin its aroma and flavor. During the typical extraction process that is used to make cured resin like batter, shatter, and wax, dried cannabis plants are used. While in the drying process, the trichomes that house the terpenes in the cannabis plant can be exposed to oxygen as well as harsh heat and light, all of which can ultimately cause them to degrade. However, during the live resin extraction process, the cannabis plant is promptly frozen after harvest, which helps to preserve the integrity of the trichomes and ultimately the aroma and flavor of the plant. Live resin has become a popular choice among cannabis producers, as the process of freezing the cannabis plant rather than drying and curing it ultimately saves both time and money. 

What is Delta 8?

Delta 8 tetrahydrocannabinol or delta 8 THC is one of more than a hundred cannabinoids found within the cannabis plant. This compound in particular has exploded in popularity in recent years due to the fact that it is federally legal in the United States. Delta 8 is a great alternative to Delta 9 THC products, which evoke the traditional “high” in cannabis users, as it is still psychoactive but is also more widely available. Delta 8 has all of the same pain-relieving euphoria-inducing effects as delta 9 but many users report that they don’t experience the anxiety and heart palpitations that are often associated with delta 9 when using delta 8. 

Benefits of Live Resin Delta 8

Because live resin is so potent, it is an effective way to reap the typical medicinal and recreational benefits of delta 8. Here are some of the primary benefits of live resin delta 8 that users report: 

  • Due to the preservation of terpenes, live resin gives users a more flavorful and aromatic vaping experience. 
  • The process of freezing cannabis plants to extract live resin can help to keep cannabinoids intact, ultimately making the concentrate more potent. 
  • Delta 8 is legal to purchase and use delta 8 in most U.S. states, making it much more easily accessible than other kinds of THC like delta 9. 
  • Delta 8 has been known to produce a much less intense high than delta 9, earning it the name “weed light.”  Many delta 8 users describe the high as euphoric, light, and energizing, making delta 8 a good fit for those who may be trying cannabis for the first time, or those who have a low tolerance.
  • Delta 8 has been known to produce a similar high to delta 9, but without the added side effects of anxiety and accelerated heart rate that many users report. 
  • Delta 8 has been reported to be useful in relieving minor pain and has been known to aid in sleep disorders and digestive issues. Delta 8 is known to have a lower psychotropic potency than delta 9, which could appeal to those - looking for pain relief with less of a psychoactive experience. 
  • Delta 8 is cost-effective to produce and process, which typically makes it cheaper to purchase as well. 

Is Live Resin Delta 8 Legal? 

Due to the 2018 Farm Bill, delta 8 products like live resin delta 8 are federally legal in the United States. Also known as the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018, this legislation changed the legal classification of hemp from a controlled substance to an agricultural commodity. However, several states have outlawed delta 8, so it is important to check your individual state’s laws before purchasing. 

Elyxr’s Live Delta 8 Carts

Elyxr’s Live Resin Delta 8 Cartridges combine our delicious vape flavors with the calming effects of delta 8 and the power of live resin concentrate. Each one of our vape carts contain one gram (1000 mg) of product, so you get plenty of bang for your buck. With three different strains, Sativa in sweet Cherry Abascus, Indica in tropical Hawaiian Haze, and Hybrid in mouthwatering Sour Space Candy, you’re sure to find one that will give your our desired high. 

Trust Elyxr 

At Elyxr we make it possible for you to experiment with the latest trends in hemp with quality products you can trust. What sets us apart from the rest is that we take the guesswork out of buying cannabis products online. Our extracts are grown and processed in the United States in an FDA-approved facility, so you never have to worry about where they come from. Additionally, we provide COA’s for our lab-tested products to provide you with peace of mind. We create high-quality live delta 8, Delta10, CBN, and CBD products, so you know you’re getting the good stuff regardless of which cannabinoid or strain you choose. Shop our online store today for Live Resin Cartridges, LR Disposables, and LR Gummies!
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Leona - April 18, 2022

I thought I did a review on the LA Confidential blunt but not sure if it went through. My problem is remembering what I got from you and what I got from a local shop. I’m an older user that orders to help with pain but enjoy the high I get from the blunt. I actually enjoy all your products but the Caviar is the best so far in achieving the high I desire.

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