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What is Amanita Muscaria?

Amanita muscaria is a species of mushroom that’s naturally found in forests across the world. It’s been cultivated for hundreds to thousands of years. Mainly, it’s been used for ceremonies of a religious or spiritual nature. Overall, it’s an extremely popular and well-known species of mushroom. It’s also known for its psychedelic effects.

Is Amanita Muscaria Legal?

Amanita muscaria is a legal mushroom in the United States. In fact, it’s always been legal despite its intoxicating properties. However, the mushroom is prohibited in Louisiana. This means that we cannot ship our mushroom products to any address in the state of Louisiana at this time.

Is Amanita Muscaria Safe?

When prepared properly, amanita muscaria is considered safe to consume. When eaten raw, it can be dangerously toxic, but boiling it for the proper length of time rids it of its toxic compounds. Those who are predisposed to psychosis or schizophrenia, however, should refrain from taking this mushroom.

What Does the Mushroom Look Like?

In the wild, amanita muscaria is extremely easy to recognize, as no other species looks like it. It’s known for its vibrant red cap with white spots, that look like polka dots. Still, we do not recommend picking this mushroom if you’re not an expert. Some mushrooms that are vaguely similar in appearance can be poisonous.

What’s the Active Compound Responsible for its Effects?

The active compound in amanita muscaria mushrooms is muscimol, which is somewhat similar to psilocybin, an illegal compound found in other varieties of psychedelic mushrooms. Muscimol is legal in the United States, and known for both its powerful intoxicating effects, as well as its potential benefits which have been studied over the years, and include cognitive benefits and potential relief from physical discomfort.

What Kind of Effects Might I Expect?

Each person’s experience with amanita muscaria mushrooms can be one-of-a-kind. People describe feeling euphoric, relieved of stress, creative, and capable of intense introspection. Some describe gaining spiritual insight, while others feel a sense of connectedness with nature and other people around them.

How Often Can I Take Amanita Muscaria?

There is no data about the safety of taking amanita muscaria mushrooms consistently in the long-term. Because of this, we cannot say how often a person should take it. Consume amanita mushrooms at your own risk, and please take them responsibly.

What’s the Appropriate Dosage?

The amanita muscaria products at Elyxr are dosed according to the milligram. We offer clear dosing directions for people of all experience levels, so that each individual can take the amount that is considered appropriate for them. Keep in mind that taking more of the mushroom than is recommended can lead to an intense psychoactive experience that may ultimately become unpleasant.

Are the Mushroom Products at Elyxr Tested for Safety and Quality?

At Elyxr, our mushroom products are tested by a third-party laboratory before they’re sold. This is carried out by a state-licensed facility that examines the sample for purity, safety, quality, legal compliance, and potency. The lab reports are available on our website, and easy to access. This way, you’ll know that you’re buying a product that’s considered safe and high in quality.

How Long Does Amanita Muscaria Stay in the System?

Amanita mushrooms are not tested for in standard drug tests, as they are legal. The mushroom remains in the bloodstream for about 24 hours, and the urine for about 3-4 days, depending on how much you’ve taken, how consistently you’ve consumed them, and the nature of your body’s metabolism.