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What is THC-A?

THC-A, or tetrahydrocannabinolic acid, is the raw cannabinoid precursor of delta 9 THC. In raw cannabis material, THCA is present, rather than delta 9. It’s only when THCA is decarboxylated (heated to a threshold temperature) that it converts into delta 9 THC.

Is THC-A Found in Hemp or Marijuana?

THC-A is present in both raw hemp and marijuana, just like delta 9 THC after decarboxylation. It’s the most abundant cannabinoid in marijuana, but exists in trace levels in the hemp plant – about 0.3%. The THC-A that we sell at Elyxr comes from hemp.

Is THC-A Intoxicating?

THC-A in its raw form is not intoxicating. Raw cannabinoids do not carry any psychoactive properties, actually. But, once THC-A is decarboxylated, it converts into delta 9 THC, which, as we all know, will get you high. 

Are the THC-A Products at Elyxr Capable of Getting Me High?

The THC-A products at Elyxr are meant to provide you with delta 9 THC rather than THC-A. These products are heated through smoking or vaporizing, which allows the THC-A to convert into delta 9, to provide you with all of the known effects of the latter cannabinoid.

Can THC-A Offer Me Benefits?

THC-A, left raw, actually offers some well-researched potential benefits. But, the THC-A products at Elyxr are used in a way that converts the THC-A into delta 9 THC, which means that you’ll actually be getting the potential benefits associated with delta 9 when you use our THC-A products.

What Kinds of THC-A Products Actually Offer Delta 9 THC?

Any product that must be heated prior to use is going to give you delta 9 rather than THC-A. These products include vapes, dabs, and flower products. All 3 of these products must reach a certain temperature to properly smoke or vaporize, and that temperature converts THC-A into delta 9.

Is THC-A Chemically Stable?

The good news is that THC-A isn’t less shelf-stable than delta 9, even despite being a raw cannabinoid. Still, we recommend that you store it properly by keeping your THC-A products sealed when not in use, and left in a dark, dry, and cool place, like a cabinet, closet, or drawer. This way, the THC-A will remain effective.

Is THC-A Legal?

THC-A is legal according to federal law. Federal law states that hemp products can contain a maximum of 0.3% delta 9 THC to be sold legally. But, there’s nothing in the law about THC-A. Keep in mind that some states are beginning to ban products with more than 0.3% THC-A as well, so stay on top of your state’s laws, as Elyxr will not ship THC-A to states where the cannabinoid is banned.

Is THC-A Safe?

THC-A is completely nontoxic to adult humans, as is delta 9 THC. These cannabinoids do not cause overdose, and no life-threatening effects have been reported. 

Do THC-A Products Cause Any Side Effects?

The potential side effects you could get from Elyxr THC-A products are the side effects we associate with delta 9 THC. These side effects are not considered serious, and are generally mild and short-lived. They include:

  • Dry mouth (“cottonmouth”)
  • Dry eyes/bloodshot eyes
  • Reduced blood pressure
  • Anxiety/paranoia
  • Grogginess/drowsiness/fatigue
  • Confusion
  • Impaired motor skills
  • Increased appetite

Are the THC-A Products at Elyxr Lab-Tested?

All of the THC-A products at Elyxr have undergone thorough testing through a third-party laboratory that’s licensed by the state to test samples of hemp. Our lab reports are easily found on our website, and you can view them for yourself to see that our products are proven to be extremely high in quality.

Can I Drive After Taking a THC-A Product?

It’s illegal to drive while under the influence of any intoxicating substance. Because our THC-A products provide you with a delta 9 high, please refrain from driving or using heavy machinery until the high has worn off. Otherwise, you can put yourself and others at risk of danger, while breaking the law.

Will THC-A Make Me Fail a Drug Test?

Taking Elyxr THC-A products can cause you to fail a drug test, since your body will be metabolizing THC rather than THC-A. THC converts into THC-COOH in the liver, and this metabolite is what is responsible for a positive drug test result. Please don’t take our THC-A products if you are going to be drug-tested in the near future.

What if I Take Too Much THC-A?

If you take a higher dose of THC-A than recommended, you may feel anxious or uneasy due to the heavy psychoactive effects. We recommend lying down somewhere comfortable, and knowing that the feeling will pass within a few hours at most. We also suggest following the dosing directions on the label to always take the proper amount according to general guidelines.

What if I’m Not Happy with My THC-A Purchase?

We manage refunds and returns on a case-by-case basis. If you’re not pleased with your order, we ask that you reach out within 30 days so we can work with you to find a satisfactory solution. Our customer service team is happy to go above and beyond for our customers.