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The History of Delta-8 and Marijuana: How Long Have We Used It?

The History of Delta-8 and Marijuana: How Long Have We Used It?

Believe it or not, the use of marijuana dates back thousands of years ago. Today's well-loved substance was used for many of the same reasons that we use it today: for pain, pleasure, and relaxation.  


Nearly 10,000 years ago, marijuana was first grown and cultivated by our ancestors. Hemp was the first variety of cannabis that would become popularized used for clothing and rope in Asia. This would happen around 500 B.C., well before the common era!  


We're going to dive into the history of marijuana, even more, exploring what happened throughout human history, what led up to today's perception of the substance, and more. We will even get into the history of Delta-8, one of the most popular cannabis products that we sell. So let's jump back in time a few thousand years to the first recorded use of cannabis in 2373 B.C.E.

Marijuana as a Form of Medicine

Marijuana was first recorded to be used for its high in ancient China. But, interestingly enough, it would be Emperor Shen Nung that would be the first to use it, and he was also the father of Chinese medicine!


He used Chinese medicine and marijuana to treat patients for numerous ailments, including gout, malaria, and poor memory. However, he was not the only one to use marijuana for its healing properties. It would spread worldwide, eventually moving to Africa, Europe, and then finally the New World.  

The Ancient High Times

Even though it is rarely discussed, many ancient people specifically used marijuana because it contained psychoactive properties. Ancient Greece was one of the more popular locations where it would be mixed with wine for pain, but it was also used recreationally by the citizens.

A Shift in Perspective

This was also mirrored in the Middle East. Later on, around 1492, when Columbus sailed the ocean blue, hemp would first be brought to the New World. However, a short while later, people would begin to think differently about the once loved substance for its psychoactive properties.

In the 1800s, numerous countries began to ban these drugs, stating that they would mess with the mind. At the turn of the 1900s, people started to restrict and even criminalize the substance. The once loved medicine was now labeled as recreational rather than medicinal.

Modern Marijuana Use

However, marijuana would eventually make its way back into the hands of the people, becoming more popularly used in the 1960s and onward. Today, numerous countries legalized the substance, changing how people view this crucial substance. 


Today, people use this substance for pain management, recreational use, and more. Colorado, California, and numerous others have passed laws to legalize the substance altogether. With tax money from the drug, these states have seen a surge in how beneficial getting high can be for the state, its infrastructure, and more.

The Development of Delta-8 

Delta-8, a hemp-derived cannabinoid, is unregulated and sold outside of dispensaries. Its history is unique and shows the distinct desire to learn more about cannabis and experiment further with what could be used from the plant.


In 1941, Delta-8 was found after studying at the University of Illinois by Roger Adams, a chemist. From there, he would continue to experiment, and he was not the only one. Over the years, people began to derive numerous other substances that would become popularized, including Delta-9, THC-acetate, and others.  

A New Popular Product to Enjoy

The synthesis and experimentation on cannabis led to these discoveries, allowing for different ways to enjoy the substance without simply smoking pure marijuana.  


These substances were seen as negligible parts of the marijuana industry for years because they had lower percentages of marijuana in their composition. Finally, Delta-8 shows promise with sky-rocketing sales comparable to its favored cousin, marijuana.


The history of cannabis can only help us appreciate more all the work that has been done to help people get access to these fantastic products. We are proud to offer Delta-8, Delta-9, and other related marijuana products. So whether you like edibles, vapes, or more, we have got it all!


Check out our product line to find out more about our Delta-8 items, as well as what benefits they can offer you for pain management and more. 

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