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Best Products for Valentines Day!

Best Products for Valentines Day!

Here are our Best Products for Valentine’s Day


Valentine's Day is coming up, and it is the perfect time to shop for something special to enjoy the day! We have various options for you including Delta 8, Delta 10, & THC-A, but we also have numerous other products that are coming out soon that are going to be perfect for the special day!


No matter what your plans are, many items can help you celebrate somehow. We have numerous sales and specials for Valentine's Day, including a free lighter with any purchase, and we have new products arriving soon just for you!


Here are some of the best products for Valentine’s Day on our store.


Delta-8 Cartridges


If you enjoy vaping, one of the best products that we can offer is our Delta-8 cartridges. With several different kinds of Indica, Sativa, and hybrid strains, there is something for everyone to enjoy this Valentine's Day.


One of the best strains that we recommend is our Blackberry Chill Indica strain, which is guaranteed to help you relax and create a euphoric effect for you to have a magical holiday. As for our Sativa lovers also have Blue Dream, which allows for calm and ecstatic feelings that will leave an aftertaste of delightful berries.


There are even hybrids that we highly recommend. One of our most popular strains is Cookies, which is comforting but not too intoxicating to continue working hard until you get off work.


Delta-8 Gummies


Our gummies are some of our favorite products! With so many flavors and a delightful calming sensation, these are perfect for you to wind down the evening with after a long day at work, or especially on Valentine’s Day.


Currently, we offer our Delta-8 gummies in Blue Razz, Cherry, Orange, Mango, and several other flavors. Keep an eye out for our unique flavors released soon, just for Valentine's Day! We are happy to share our Valentine’s Exclusive, Elyxr x Cannabitches Delta-8 Gummies, made with our premier Delta-8 oil.    


Be sure to buy them soon if you want them! But, unfortunately, they are exclusive just for this memorable holiday, and we can't guarantee availability after the day passes. 


Delta-8 and CBD Pain Relief Gel


While not an obvious choice for Valentine's Day, this might be a perfect gift if you spend the night with your special someone. This oil is excellent for relaxing, taking some chronic pain away, and making for a delightful shoulder massage.


Made with essential oils, not only will you feel your pain melt away, but you will also smell amazing. It is also made with our signature Delta-8 oil, allowing for pain relief, unlike any other pain-relieving products you might find in the drugstore. It's the perfect natural way to wind down the night with your loved one. 


Our Delta-8 Flower Strains


It wouldn’t be a complete Valentine’s Day for us at Elyxr if we didn’t also feature our flower strains. So if you love a good hit after a long day, be sure to pick up some flowers before you head home for the night! We have several popular strains, and we do our best to keep them on trend and in line with what's most popular.


Our most popular flower strains are Sour Diesel, Strawberry Cough, Wedding Cake, and several others. Each strain has its benefits, with many of them offering you that calming high that we all need to wind down with our loved ones as we celebrate love around the world.


CBN/Delta-8 Tinctures


Finally, last but certainly not least on our list of best products for Valentine’s is our signature CBN/Delta-8 Tincture. This is an excellent product for those who want to sleep and enjoy a restful sleep. Mixed half and half with CBN and Delta-8 will be perfect for those who want to wind down and destress after a long day.


There is the potential for some psychoactive effects, but our customers all report a feeling of calmness and restful sleep. So, after a beautiful night of romance, take a bit of this tincture to sleep well and rest up for the next day. 


Stock Up for Valentine’s Day!


Don't wait till the last minute. We recommend getting these products on hand as soon as possible, as we know our exclusive products will sell out fast! If you have any other questions, reach out to us to learn more about our products, our specials, and what you can take home this Valentine's Day to celebrate a day honoring love and romance.




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