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Is Delta 8 Legal in Florida?

In recent years, the cannabis market has seen a surge in interest surrounding various cannabinoids, including Delta-8 THC. This compound, often referred to as the "legal cousin" of Delta-9 THC, has gained popularity for its milder psychoactive effects and its unique legal status in certain states. 

In Florida, Delta-8 THC has become a subject of discussion among consumers and policymakers alike. So, the question arises, is Delta-8 THC legal in Florida?

Can You Consume Delta 8 in Florida?

Yes, Delta 8 THC is legal in Florida, but there are certain limitations you should be aware of. Delta 8 THC is federally legal, but 14 states have completely banned it. 

Fortunately, Florida isn’t one of them. 

You can legally buy Delta 8 in Florida, but these products must come from hemp – the non-intoxicating subvariety of cannabis. Hemp-derived delta 8 THC is legal in Florida because such products contain 0.3% delta 9 THC or less. 

The 2018 Farm Bill reclassified hemp as an agricultural commodity. Farmers can grow and sell hemp for any purpose, including cannabinoid extracts like Delta 8. Delta 8 THC is a minor cannabinoid; there is 1% or less delta 8 in mature hemp flowers. 

However, hemp manufacturers have found a workaround for this. Delta 8 can be extracted directly from CBD using a series of conversion processes that involve acids and heavy metal reagents. As long as your Delta 8 THC products come from hemp, you won’t have any problems with the law.

Can You Travel to Florida With Delta-8?

Yes, you can travel to Florida with Delta-8 products, provided they are derived from federally compliant hemp. However, it is important to note that the legality of traveling with Delta-8 THC products varies from state to state. 

If you are traveling inter-state with Delta-8 THC, you should research the laws of the place you are visiting to ensure that you are abiding by all local and federal laws.

Can You Drive Under the Influence of Delta-8 THC in Florida?

Driving under the influence of any substance that impairs your ability to operate a vehicle safely is illegal in Florida, and this includes Delta-8 THC. While Delta-8 THC is often considered a milder alternative to Delta-9 THC found in marijuana, it can still have psychoactive effects that may impair cognitive and motor functions.

According to the Marijuana Driving Laws in Florida, driving under the influence of marijuana, including Delta-8 THC, is illegal in Florida. If you are caught driving a motor vehicle under the influence of Delta 8, which is an intoxicant, you will likely face criminal charges. Therefore, it is important to avoid driving after consuming delta-8 THC products.

If law enforcement has reason to believe a driver is impaired, they may conduct field sobriety tests and, if necessary, chemical tests such as blood or urine tests to determine the presence of controlled substances. Driving under the influence of Delta-8 THC can result in legal consequences, including fines, license suspension, and potentially imprisonment.

It is always advisable to wait until the psychoactive effects of any substance, including Delta-8 THC, has completely worn off before operating a vehicle. If you have concerns about the legal status of Delta-8 THC or the potential consequences of driving under its influence in Florida, it's recommended to consult with legal professionals or check for the latest information from official sources.

Are There Age Restrictions on Delta-8 THC Products in Florida?

Yes, there are age restrictions on delta-8 THC products in Florida. Governor DeSantis signed SB 1676 into law, which restricts the sale of delta-8 THC products to adults aged 21 or over beginning July 1st, 2023. However, until that date, there was no age restriction on non-inhalable hemp products.

Additionally, businesses selling Delta-8 THC products are typically required to adhere to age verification procedures to ensure that they are not selling these products to individuals below the legal age limit. Consumers should be prepared to provide valid identification to verify their age when purchasing Delta-8 THC products in Florida.

Where Can You Buy Delta 8 in Florida?

While purchasing Delta-8 THC is legal in Florida, consumers should exercise caution and ensure they are buying from licensed dealers or reputable online sellers. Quality control is crucial, and consumers should be aware of the Delta-9 THC content to ensure it complies with legal limits.

In addition to brick-and-mortar stores, the online marketplace has become an increasingly popular avenue for purchasing Delta-8 THC products. Reputable online sellers, such as Elyxr, offer a convenient platform for consumers to explore and order a diverse range of Delta-8 THC items from the comfort of their homes.