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What to Do When You Get “Too High”

What to Do When You Get “Too High”

Getting too high can really kill your buzz. Keep reading for our best tips to turn your experience around when your high feels a bit too intense. 

How Can You Know If You Are Too High?

Getting too high or “greening out” can be a very scary and uncomfortable experience. 

There are a few key signs that you may be too high:

  • You’re sweating more than usual.
  • You’re experiencing paranoia or panic. 
  • You’re experiencing anxiety.
  • You’re feeling confused. 

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, just know that they are not permanent and that you are likely to come down within minutes or hours, depending on how much cannabis you have consumed. Focus on staying calm, and keep in mind that there have been no reported overdose deaths due to cannabis, so you will likely be fine soon enough. 


Find a Distraction

Focusing on the fact that you feel too high isn’t likely to help the situation. Try finding something to keep your mind off of what you are experiencing. Some distractions could be:

  • Watching a TV show or movie.
  • Taking a shower or bath. 
  • Taking a nap. 
  • Listening to music. 
  • Talking with your friends. 



Eat and Drink

Make sure to drink plenty of water during this time. That way, you can alleviate any dehydration or dry mouth, and you may find comfort in performing such a simple task. Avoid alcoholic and heavily caffeinated drinks, as these can actually worsen your dehydration and negative mental state. 

Additionally, if you’re feeling up to it, consider preparing and eating an easy-to-make snack. That way, you’ll be focused on something other than feelings of anxiety and paranoia, and you’ll be full to boot.


Go For a Walk

If you’re feeling up to it, consider going for a walk. There’s a lot outside to distract you from what you’re feeling, and you may just enjoy a bit of fresh air. Take a friend with you if possible, and don’t wander too far; nobody wants to get lost while greening out. 


Try Black Pepper

Many people swear by chewing or sniffing black peppercorns if you find yourself getting too high. It’s easy to be a bit skeptical about this trick, but it may be worth a try as this method can supposedly provide instantaneous relief. 

Monitor Your Intake

The best way to avoid getting too high is to monitor your intake and avoid pushing your limits. Start small, especially when using edibles, as it’s easy to get higher but much more complicated to try to come down quickly once you’ve gotten too high. Make sure you give edibles at least three hours to take effect before consuming more.  

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