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The Top 10 Most Popular Cannabis Strains in Texas

The Top 10 Most Popular Cannabis Strains in Texas

Texas has been one of the most anti-cannabis states in the United States for a while now, and it’s no surprise that because of that, the hemp industry is really booming.  The hemp industry offers legal psychoactive cannabis products that come in a wide range of strain choices, and Texans have already established which strains they like best, as we can see through statewide trends. 

If you’re a resident of the Lone Star State, you’ve probably noticed that certain hemp strains are more available than others, to meet local demand as well as what’s most accessible to that part of the country.  We’re going to explore the 10 favorite cannabis strains in TX, to help you find one that suits your needs.

Top 10 Strains That Texans Love

Let’s look at some strains that continue to perform really well in the Jumbo State, based on consumer data and what we’ve heard from people who actually reside in Texas. 

#10: Apple Fritter

Apple Fritter is a beloved and fairly new 50/50 hybrid, and its powerful potency and apple cake-like flavor have really bolstered its reputation.  It delivers a nearly immediate rush of euphoria, which eradicates negative energy that may be keeping your mood down.  At the same time, it can alleviate tension in the body, helping you feel extremely at ease.  Great for balancing out your mood, we’re not surprised to see this one so close to the top of the list.

Try: ELYXR HHC Disposable 2 Grams in Apple Fritter  

#9: Sunset Sorbet

Sunset Sorbet is an 85% indica-dominant hybrid that is dreamy in its flavor and its effects.  With moderately high THC levels and mood-boosting qualities, it’s clear why it’s so popular.  It brings you into a state of peaceful zen, with a mellow body high, but not before it offers a powerful liftoff into euphoria.  Its flavor is worth boasting about as well, with its creamy, fruity, and minty taste.

Try: ELYXR Delta 8 Cartridge 1 Gram in Sunset Sorbet

#8: Girl Scout Cookies

Whether you call it GSC, Cookies, and Girl Scout Cookies, this strain is a knockout on the market, and a gamechanger that launched many new phenotypes.  It has a 55% indica-leaning hybrid that promises gloriously relaxed euphoric vibes, plus a body high that will almost definitely bring you into couchlock about an hour or two after partaking.

Try: ELYXR HHC Dabs in Girl Scout Cookies

#7: Grape Ape

A 90% indica-dominant hybrid, Grape Ape is loved for its sweet and juicy grape flavor and purple buds, and it’s a real force to be reckoned with.  It’s hands-down one of the best strains for your bedtime routine, with a couchlock effect paired with an aim to eliminate any worries or anxieties getting in the way of your inner peace.  On the medicinal market, it’s considered one of the best choices for muscle and joint discomfort, as well.

Try: ELYXR Delta 10 Cartridge 1 Gram in Grape Ape 

#6: Banana OG

A 70/30 indica-dominant hybrid, Banana OG belongs to the famous Kush family, and has a wonderful banana flavor.  It’s favored for its above-average THC levels and ability to help you conk out easily, with a heavy feeling in the limbs and a feeling of empty space in the mind.  It’s also a strain with a surprisingly fast onset, so expect to be lifted into utter bliss in no time after exhaling.

Try: ELYXR 1 Gram Live Resin Potion Blend Joint in Banana OG

#5: Tahoe OG

Those craving heavy indica effects will want to try Tahoe OG, a 90% indica-dominant hybrid known for its potent THC level and multitude of therapeutic uses.  Closely related to OG Kush, this beauty has stunning mood-lifting qualities while it makes your body feel utterly at ease from head to toe, which is why so many people reach for it at nighttime, when they’re ready to forget about their worries and melt into the couch.

Try: ELYXR Delta 8 Disposable Vape 2 Grams in Tahoe OG

#4: Zkittlez

Zkittlez (aka Skittlez) is a celebrated and tasty 70% indica-dominant hybrid, and it’s a strain that offers a drowsy and lazy kind of high, which is why it’s best reserved for nighttime.  It can ease away stress and worry while producing deep relaxation and relief throughout the muscles.  It’s such a popular strain that it’s seen many offshoots hit the market over the years.

Try: ELYXR Delta 8 Disposable Vape 1 Gram in Zkittlez

#3: Granddaddy Purple

Another good bedtime choice is the classic, Granddaddy Purple.  This grape-tasting cultivar is a 70% indica-dominant strain, and its couchlock-inducing effects are hard to avoid.  Meanwhile, its THC level is far above average.  Often recommended to people with chronic stress and sleep issues, its mood-boosting yet calm properties are regarded as some of the very best in the cannabis world.

Try: ELYXR Delta 10 Flower in Granddaddy Purple

#2: Wedding Cake

Lastly, we have Wedding Cake, aka Pink Cookies, a 60% indica-dominant hybrid known for its higher-than-average THC level and mouthwatering cookie/cake-like flavor.  It’s excellent for anyone who wants to get into a more mellow state of mind, and its balanced nature explains its crowd-pleaser status.  Wedding Cake is also big in demand on the medicinal market thanks to its ability to zero in on all kinds of common ailments.

Try: ELYXR Delta 8 Flower in Wedding Cake

#1: Trainwreck

Trainwreck is a force of nature, boasting an 80/20 sativa-heavy profile.  It slams into the cerebral cortex almost as soon as you exhale, with a big burst of stimulating euphoria that can get you moving in no time.  Its effects are powerful enough that you’ll want to go easy on this one as a beginner, even though its body high is relatively mild, and more warm and fuzzy than sedating.  It’s great for socializing, since it can make you feel chatty and giggly.  Its flavor profile is dominated by notes of bright lemons and black pepper.

Try: ELYXR Delta 8 Cartridge 1 Gram in Trainwreck

Everything is Bigger in Texas, Including Cannabis Strains

While Texans wait for positive developments regarding cannabis legalization, what we can say is that these strains are totally legal when they come from the hemp plant, and you can still get high off of many compliant cannabinoids that offer alternative forms of THC.  So, go ahead and help yourself to these magnificent strains and more at ELYXR.

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