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The Top 10 Most Popular Cannabis Strains in Massachusetts

The Top 10 Most Popular Cannabis Strains in Massachusetts

Massachusetts has been enjoying its status as a weed-friendly state in the last few years, and at the same time, the hemp market has continued to expand in a way that has invited us to explore a lot of totally legal, psychoactive cannabinoids, acting as alternative forms of THC.  Basically, this has led to many residents of the state becoming more strain-conscious than ever, carefully picking and choosing the right cultivars based on their terpene profiles, THC concentrations, and noted effects.

So, what are the strains that Bay Staters are reaching for the most?  Well, We have looked at the trends in the state to get an idea of which ones dominate the market throughout The Old Colony State.

Top 10 Strains That Massachusettsans are Going to Want to “Park the Car in Harvard Yard For”

Check out these strains that continue to perform really well Massachusetts, based on consumer data and what people who actually live in The Codfish State have to say.

#10: Goji OG

Goji OG is undeniably sought-after right now, both for medicinal and recreational use, and so it’s not surprising to see it on this list.  Yes, its medicinal value is well-known, but its high is where it’s at, as this 80% sativa-dominant hybrid is almost infamous for how strong its psychoactive effects are.  Its flavor also packs a punch, tasting of cherries and licorice.  The high is extremely euphoric, and it can help you feel focused and creative, perfect for daytime partaking.

Try: ELYXR Live Resin THC-A Disposable 2 Grams in Goji OG

#9: White Widow

White Widow isn’t the new kid on the block, as it has been one of the most beloved strains out there for decades.  It’s a 60/40 sativa-leaning hybrid that’s known for its sweet flavor, and it can give you that “stoned” feeling that so many tokers look for.  The high is heady and hazy, while the body can look forward to a warming sensation throughout the limbs that sort of feels like being wrapped up in a cozy blanket.  Because White Widow is incredibly balanced in its effects, it can be perfect for daytime and evening use.

Try: ELYXR 1 Gram Joint (325mg THC-A) in White Widow

#8: Sunset Sorbet

An 85% indica-dominant hybrid, Sunset Sorbet is the equally delicious cousin of Gelato.  Its euphoria-inducing properties make it a superstar, while its high THC level gives it appeal among those with a high tolerance.  Sunset Sorbet can produce a big wave of uplifting cerebral energy that slowly changes into a feeling of utter zen, complete with a warm, mellow body high.  Its flavor is worth boasting about as well, with its creamy, fruity, and minty taste.

Try: ELYXR Delta 8 Cartridge 1 Gram in Sunset Sorbet

#7: Granddaddy Purple

Granddaddy Purple is one of the most recommended choices for people who want something to unwind at the end of the day with.  Granddaddy Purple is a 70% indica-dominant hybrid that carries a big grape flavor, and can offer up a lazy, drowsy kind of high that puts you into pure couchlock.  Plus, its THC level is very above average, so haziness is almost inevitable.  Often recommended to people with chronic stress and sleep issues, its mood-boosting yet calm properties are regarded as some of the very best in the cannabis world.

Try: ELYXR Delta 10 Flower in Granddaddy Purple

#6: Durban Poison

One of the few pure, 100% sativas to continue selling out in dispensaries, Durban Poison is an absolute legend, with its 24% THC that was unheard of when it first entered circulation.  Durban Poison recognized for its very cerebral high that makes the head feel tingly, and it can keep you focused, motivated, and active during the day, while you feel more creative, outgoing, and confident.  Perfect for when you need a pick-me-up during the afternoon hours, it’s so popular for a reason, and it has a sweet and earthy flavor profile.

Try: ELXYXR D9o Live Resin 90% Disposable 2 Grams in Durban Poison

#5: Purple Punch

Purple Punch is a crowd pleaser, since its ‘high’ is reliable, offering exactly what you’re looking for when you want to sit back and unwind.  An 80% indica-dominant hybrid, Purple Punch is the type of strain to reach for after a long and stressful day, since its sedative-like nature makes it deeply relaxing – in fact, it’s a nice choice for bedtime.  Its flavor profile is also pretty remarkable, tasting of plump grapes, rich vanilla cream, and aromatic spices.

Try: ELYXR 1 Gram Joint (75mg Delta 8 THC) in Purple Punch

 #4: AK47

A notorious strain for its hazy cerebral effects, AK47 is a 65% sativa-leaning strain with a relatively moderate THC level, but you don’t want to underestimate this one.  Its ‘high’ starts out with a warm and tingly feeling in the forehead, and before long, you’re totally stoned and out of it, feeling utterly euphoric for no reason at all.  Its body high is relaxing without being heavy or sedating.  It has a sour and earthy taste, thanks to being parented by some very beloved landrace strains.

Try: ELYXR Delta 8 Disposable Vape 2 Grams in AK47

#3: Tahoe OG

Tahoe OG is a 90% indica-dominant strain has a potent THC level and many therapeutic uses on the medicinal market.  A close relative of OG Kush, this cultivar gives a major boost to your mood while making your body feel utterly at ease from head to toe, which is why so many people reach for it at nighttime, when they’re ready to forget about their worries and melt into the couch.

Try: ELYXR Delta 8 Disposable Vape 2 Grams in Tahoe OG

#2: Runtz

Runtz is one of the most recognizable names in the cannabis world, with many an offspring following in its successful footsteps.  Despite being 50/50 sativa/indica, its effects are heavy on the indica side of things, and nodding off is extremely common once its high is at its peak.  Its psychoactive effects are also known for being some of the longest-lasting, remaining in full force for hours, so it’s not surprising that a lot of people turn to this one before hitting the hay.

Try: ELYXR Delta 8 Cartridge 1 Gram in Runtz

#1: Ice Cream Cake

Ice Cream Cake is one of the best-tasting and most satisfying strains of all time, period.  Ice Cream Cake a 75/25 indica-dominant profile that has an immensely high THC content.  It’s the offspring of Wedding Cake and Gelato, and so its parents are two of the best-selling strains in history.  And, as you can tell from its name, its flavor is absolutely exquisite.  The sweet-tasting cultivar is unbelievably euphoric, all while lulling the body into a state of couchlock, which feels like being cradled in a warm blanket.  Negative thoughts will disappear as you feel a sense of inner peace that’s indescribable. 

Try: ELYXR Delta 10 Flower in Ice Cream Cake

Massachusettsans Have Spoken: These Strains Can Become a Dynasty!

Massachusetts has become a prime location for finding the absolute finest cannabis strains.  Plus, you can see that hemp enthusiasts have some pretty good taste in cultivars.  Best of all, you don’t have to travel to the nearest dispensary to sample these tasty terpene profiles – just grab the products at ELYXR, and just know that your new favorite cannabis strain is on its way to your home.

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