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The Top 10 Most Popular Cannabis Strains in Indiana

The Top 10 Most Popular Cannabis Strains in Indiana

Throughout Indiana, residents have found legal avenues through which they can sample the tastiest and most effective strains on the market.  With the federally compliant hemp market expanding all the time, giving us new psychoactive cannabinoids to try that’re totally permitted by the state, Indianians are free to explore flower, vapes, concentrates, and other hemp-based products that they wouldn’t be able to partake in, in a marijuana form.

Given all of that, there are some clear statewide trends when it comes to which strains are top performers.  We are going to check some best-selling strains on the Indiana market right now, and hopefully introduce you to some new cultivars you’ll be excited to get your hands on.

Top 10 Strains That Indianians Simply Cannot Get Enough of

Let’s look at 10 strains that continue to perform really well in Indiana, based on consumer data and what we have heard from people who actually live in this state. 

#10: Skywalker OG

An 85% indica-dominant hybrid, Skywalker OG is having a major moment on the Indiana scene. Its awesome go-to status is perfect for anyone looking to feel totally knocked out.  Notorious for those couchlock effects, and its ability to make you feel utterly stoned, Skywalker OG is a keeper, especially for nighttime use.  Its spicy diesel-like taste is also easy to recognize.

Try: ELYXR Delta 8 Disposable Vape 1 Gram in Skywalker OG

#9: Amnesia Haze

Another mega-popular choice is Amnesia Haze, with its 80/20 sativa-leaning orientation.  Derived from legendary landrace strains, this beauty is a super popular choice for ADHD on the medicinal market, and overall, it can help you focus, and stay alert and productive throughout the day, all while savoring sweet euphoric waves that can easily turn into fits of giggles, especially if you’re partaking socially.  Its earthy n’ sweet taste is super pungent, and almost hash-like.

Try: ELYXR HHC Cartridge 1 Gram in Amnesia Haze

#8: Durban Poison

Durban Poison is rare in that it’s a 100% sativa, in a market that rarely offers pure sativas that’re easy to find.  Durban Poison has also enjoyed years and years of popularity, being one of the first strains to normalize a THC level above 20% (it’s about 24%).  It’s recognized for its very heady, cerebral high, and it can really keep you focused, motivated, and active during the day, while you feel more creative, outgoing, and confident.  Perfect for when you need a pick-me-up during the afternoon hours, it’s so popular for a reason, and it has a sweet and earthy flavor profile.

Try: ELYXR 1 Gram Joint (75mg HHC) in Durban Poison

#7: Jet Fuel

Jet Fuel is a notorious 70% indica-dominant hybrid, with its name coming from its pungent diesel flavor, but you can also say that its name is appropriate given its effects, which feel like a liftoff into a state of buzzy energy complete with powerful euphoria.  Jet Fuel is one of the most stimulating strains you’ll find in the world, so this isn’t the one to reach for when you’re trying to sit back and relax.  Prepare for lots of fits of laughter, and a sense of invincibility that can help you get all kinds of tasks done in no time.

Try: ELYXR THC-A Infused Flower (Nuggs) in Jet Fuel Odder Pop

#6: Trainwreck

Following in the trend of sativa-heavy strains we have Trainwreck, an 80/20 hybrid that is said to crash into you like a train shortly after you exhale, with a massive blast of energy and euphoric giddiness.  Trainwreck is not for the faint of heart, because its stimulating effects can be a lot, and its warm and tingly body high isn’t exactly sedating.  It’s great for socializing, since it can make you feel chatty and giggly.  Its flavor profile is dominated by notes of bright lemons and black pepper.

Try: ELYXR Delta 8 Cartridge 1 Gram in Trainwreck

#5: Blue Dream

Blue Dream is a tried and true fave of the last several years, so it’s not surprising to see it so high up on the list.  Its ultra-balanced high and shapeshifting qualities make it appealing to a whole lot of enthusiasts.  Beloved for its blueberry flavor, this 60% sativa-leaning hybrid is sorta like a shapeshifter.  During the daytime, Blue Dream can make you feel euphoric, focused, and creative, but if you take it at night, it can make you feel calm, collected, and ready for rest.  It’s also commonly recommended for pain on the medicinal market.

Try: ELYXR Delta 8 Disposable Vape 1 Gram in Blue Dream

#4: Hawaiian Haze

Hawaiian Haze is a standout for those seeking out evenly balanced hybrids that don’t lean too far one way or the other.  This 50/50 superstar tastes like lush tropical fruits, hence its name, and is commonly suggested to people with various mood disorders since it can balance one’s state of mind.  Hawaiian Haze is a strain that you can take and remain focused and alert during the daytime hours, and because it’s not heavily sedating, it won’t make you fall asleep when you’re trying to stay productive.

Try: ELYXR Live Resin Delta 8 Cartridge 1 Gram in Hawaiian Haze

#3: Lemon Jack

Lemon Jack is another sativa-dominant hybrid with a 70/30 profile, and it’s fast-becoming a fan favorite throughout the state.  A cross between Jack Herer and Lemon Kush, its prestigious lineage gives it shelf appeal, and its droolworthy taste has notes of zesty lemons and vanilla cream.  Thanks to some Kush in its genetics, the ‘high’ is heady but not overstimulating, as the body will relax as a euphoric rush of energy makes your brain go to all kinds of new and exciting places.

Try: ELYXR 99% THC-A Diamond Dabs in Lemon Jack

#2: Gelato

Gelato is a staple of the industry due to its enormous success that’s lasted for years.  This indica-leaning hybrid is 55/45, and its THC levels are out of this world while its flavor is that of fresh cream and sweet berries, making it tempting in more ways than one.  Gelato’s euphoric effects are downright legendary, and it’s known to go from uplifting and energizing to peaceful and calm over the course of a couple of hours.  It’s also great for the body, having a beautifully mellow effect on tightness in the muscles and joints – so much so that it’s one of the most recommended strains for physical relief on the medicinal market.

Try: ELYXR D9o Live Resin 90% Disposable 1 Gram in Gelato

#1: Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies (aka GSC or Cookies) is easily one of the most sought-after strains of all time because it captures what so many cannabis enthusiasts are looking for when they light up.  GSC has got an incredibly mouthwatering cookie-like flavor profile, and combined with its super strong THC level, this strain really has it all.  It’s an indica-leaning hybrid that offers big waves of euphoric joy followed by tranquil calm, and a body high that will almost definitely bring you into couchlock about an hour or two after partaking.

Try: ELYXR Potion Blend Cartridge 1000mg in Cookies

The Hoosier State is Embracing Some Pretty Amazing Strains!

Basically, you can’t go wrong by sticking to this list of top-notch strains among Indiana residents who love their legal cannabis products.  We’ve included everything from sativa to indica, with plenty of hybrids in between.  So, the next time you’re ready to try something new, find these awesome strains here at ELYXR.

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