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The Top 10 Most Popular Cannabis Strains in Alabama

The Top 10 Most Popular Cannabis Strains in Alabama

There really is nothing quite like finding that one strain that speaks to your every need – it gets your mood in just the right place, it makes your body feel at ease, and it gives you the specific effects that provide potential relief from whatever ails you, whether that be tight muscles, poor sleep, or difficulty in finding that creative inspiration that used to come so easily.

If you’re an Alabaman, then you know that cannabis hasn’t always been the easiest to come by.  While other states have been quite lenient with weed laws in recent years, Alabama’s adult residents have had to turn to other sources for cannabis products, like the legal hemp market. 

With that being said, we gotta cover the 10 most popular strains in AL, most of which are sold in a hemp-based form.

Top 10 Strains That Bammers Will Show Some Good Ol’ Southern Hospitality For

Now, we can look at some strains that continue to amaze in the Yellowhammer
State, based on consumer data and what we’ve heard from people who actually live in Alabama.

#10: Green Crack

Green Crack is an absolute legend of the strain, and a favorite of Snoop Dogg, which is always worth pointing out.  This 65% sativa, 35% indica hybrid is renowned for its intense energy-boosting effect that’s paired with unmatchable euphoria and optimism, making it a strain that’s perfect for the daytime, especially when you’re trying to get things going.  Creative individuals can’t get enough of its inspiration-enhancing properties, and its citrusy, tropical fruit taste makes it all the more desirable.  Naturally, THC levels hover around 20%, but don’t underestimate this strain’s intensity.

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#9: Blueberry OG

Blueberry OG is another crowd pleaser, and one of the most classic strains of all time – so old that we don’t even know its parents.  Blueberry OG is an 80% indica-dominant hybrid that has a bright and sweet blueberry flavor, and it’s the proud parent of many top-shelf strains on the market today.  It’s quite euphoric, providing a very stoned feeling thanks to its heavy and hazy cerebral effects.  It’s a wonderful nighttime strain, too, since it can shut your brain off and help you find a sense of quiet in your mind.

Try: ELYXR Potion Blend Disposable 2000mg in Blueberry OG

#8: Strawberry Cough

Strawberry Cough has quickly become a staple of the strain world, as more and more people are discovering its ability to ease feelings of stress, worry, and irritability without numbing the mind to the point that productivity comes to a halt during the day.  Its rich strawberry taste notoriously comes with black pepper notes that make coughing almost unavoidable.  Meanwhile, this 80% sativa-dominant hybrid gives a feeling of euphoric energy that makes you feel unstoppable.  Strawberry Cough is great for creative endeavors, household chores, and socializing.

Try: ELYXR 1 Gram Joint (325mg THC-A) in Strawberry Cough

#7: Pineapple Express

Ah, Pineapple Express.  One of the most recognized names in the strain world, this beloved hybrid bursts with fresh pineapple flavor, and its high is one of the most sought-after of all time.  Pineapple Express is a 60% sativa-leaning hybrid, and it’s a staple of the medicinal market due to its positive effects on physical discomfort, mood problems, and more.  Its high is creativity-enhancing and sociable, so it’s a perfect afternoon strain when you don’t want to doze off, but instead, stay present.

Try: ELYXR Live Resin THC-A Cartridge 1 Gram in Pineapple Express

#6: Girl Scout Cookies

One of the best-selling strains of all time, Girl Scout Cookies (aka Cookies) has taken the world by storm by seemingly nailing exactly what the majority of enthusiasts want.  Between its mouthwatering cookie-like taste and powerful THC level, this strain has it all, and it’s an indica-leaning hybrid that supplies big waves of euphoric bliss paired with utter calm, and a body high that will almost definitely bring you into couchlock about an hour or two after partaking.

Try: ELYXR HHC Dabs in Girl Scout Cookies

#5: Blue Dream

Blue Dream is a mainstay because of its many medicinal uses paired with its balanced ‘high’ that people absolutely adore.  Blue Dream is one of various strains derived from Blueberry OG, hence its fresh berry flavor, and it’s a 60% sativa-leaning hybrid that’s sort of like a shapeshifter.  During the daytime, it can make you feel euphoric, focused, and creative, but if you take it at night, it can make you feel calm, collected, and ready for rest.  It’s also phenomenal for anyone dealing with tension in the body.

Try: ELYXR Delta 8 Cartridge in Blue Dream

#4: White Widow

White Widow is a legend, having a 60/40 sativa-leaning hybrid orientation.  An old-school strain, it’s really in-demand in Alabama.  This makes a lot of sense, since the lack of recreational dispensaries means that the state isn’t getting inundated with ultra-new cultivars like other parts of the country.  It’s a super sweet-tasting strain that offers the consciousness-expanding vibes that so many tokers are seeking out.

Try: ELYXR 1 Gram Joint (325mg THC-A) in White Widow

#3: OG Kush

Another longtime classic is OG Kush, which is said to grow easily in the state.  OG Kush has a long history as one of the go-to’s for relaxation, and it’s an immensely favored bedtime strain.  Its citrusy n’ spicy taste is iconic, and its heavy, heady effects paired with a potent body high make it a dream when you’re trying to unwind.  OG Kush is a 55% sativa-leaning hybrid that gives off heavy indica vibes, so keep that in mind.

Try: ELYXR Potion Blend Cartridge 1000mg in OG Kush

#2: Northern Lights

A true, pure indica, Northern Lights has been one of the most talked about strains of all time, and it’s another very popular nighttime choice since it can be immensely calming to both the body and the mind.  Both euphoric and stress-alleviating, Northern Lights shines brightly, as this cultivar has a sweet, citrusy, and earthy taste, making it easy to recognize.

Try: ELYXR One & Done Disposable (THC-P, HHC-P, THC-B, THC-H, & HHC) in Northern Lights

#1: Zkittlez

Zkittlez is a favorite across the country, and so it’s no surprise to see it at the top of this list.  A 70% indica-dominant hybrid, the strain lives up to its namesake to a surprising extent, and its glorious high keeps Alabamans coming back for more.  Zkittlez is a sleepy strain, so it’s best reserved for nighttime, and people love how much it soothes away stress and worry while igniting a sense of bliss throughout the muscles.

Try: ELYXR Delta 8 Disposable Vape 1 Gram in Zkittlez

The Heart of Dixie Has Made a Home for These Amazing Strains!

Basically, while every strain in the world has something special to offer, these awesome strain are the ones that Alabama residents clearly can’t get enough of.  And, they cover all bases on the indica to sativa spectrum, meaning that if you happen to reside in The Cotton State, you can rest easy that there’s a strain that’s easy to buy in your area that can totally address your needs. 

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