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The difference between Elxyr Delta-8 infused gummies and tinctures


Delta-8 from Elxyr comes with options

When it comes to medicating with Delta-8, the choices are plentiful. I recently tried some products from Elxyr. My order consisted of Delta-8 Infused Gummies and Delta-8 Infused Tinctures.

Today I am going to guide you through my experience with Elxyr's gummies and tinctures. I have spent a few weeks with the products and can give an accurate description of what to expect. I think the gummies and tinctures both are amazing products, but they are two vastly different -- yet magnetically similar creations.


Gummies take you to galactic heights

These tin cans contain 25mg fruit-flavored gummies. Eat just one sugar cube and surely feel the effects. Less than one serving is enjoyable when microdosing with: 3/4, 1/2, 1/4 cubes. You have control of how much you feel Delta-8's sooth. You can eat multiple gummies to increase the intensity.

I ate no more than two gummies at once so far ~ 50mg. I felt effects even with as little as 5-10mg. The effects take approximately 40-90 minutes to fully activate. There are various build up stages that hint at the full buzz sensation. The effects last onwards of 5 hours on average. It's a desirable feeling that vibes perfectly with life.


Tinctures catapult you to hyperspace

These bottles hold 1,000mg of a nano-infused tincture. Serving size varies from a few drops to an entire dropper and beyond. If you want an overpowering experience, the whole bottle is an option. The Delta-8 enhanced oils are no joke.

I have taken one full dropper each time ~ 33mg. The effects take around 90-160 minutes to fully activate. The build up stage is expanded upon and last even longer than the gummies. The eventual full activation is a monumental feeling of upliftment and lasts half a dozen hours. Tinctures are much easier to microdose compared to the gummies. Try 1-3 drops, instead of the entire dropper.


Start your day with Lemon Verbena

There are six different tincture flavors. They do taste differently, but I haven't done enough testing to find out whether: Awake actually makes you feel awake, Sleep helps you sleep better, or all six work the same. The truth is, I feel so good every time that I am not focused on the tiny little details. That's one of the greatest benefits of Delta-8, you can just live and be happy.



Wind-down with Mellow Grape

I have taken Awake in the morning and afternoon. I used Sleep an hour before bed. During my many hours of effects, I felt more engaged in all aspects of my everyday life while I was awake. When taking before sleeping, I can report not waking up throughout the night like I usually do, plus waking up the next morning with a feeling of total rejuvenation.



Processing enhanced oil

One thing to remember is that gummies and tinctures both work differently with every single person. Whether or not you have recently eaten also factors in to the time it takes to feel the effects. Continued use may be required to build a proper tolerance for the full and especially mega doses.


Experience Elyxr's energetic potential

I cannot say enough positive things about Elyxr. The products offered on their store have lab tests which certify their quality. You can best store your gummies and tinctures in the fridge. Elxyr’s customer service is some of the best I have ever dealt with. If you have any interest at all in trying Delta-8, then visit

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