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SeshGear Dabtron Electric Dab Rig Review and How to Use It

SeshGear Dabtron Electric Dab Rig Review and How to Use It

The SeshGear Dabtron Electric Dab Rig demonstrates just how much some electric rigs go above and beyond our expectations.  Electric dab rigs, also known as e-rigs, are taking over the dabbing hardware market for a reason – they’re easy to use, incredibly effective, customizable, and come with loads of features that improve every aspect of the dabbing experience.  This rig from SeshGear isn’t just top-of-the-line in terms of its technology, but it’s refreshingly affordable, which makes it a clear winner against the competition.

The Basics

Let’s cover the basic facts about the Dabtron from SeshGear, which is a user-friendly, highly efficient electronic dab rig that’s intended for vaporizing concentrates like wax, shatter, and the like.  This e-rig is meant to be travel-friendly, and it’s easy to clean because dissembling and assembling it take little effort.  It comes with a full instruction booklet so that beginners will be able to get started quickly.

Built into the device is a 2000mAh battery that recharges quickly, and even provides plenty of power through numerous dabbing sessions.  It features four preheat settings that you can select wit the press of a simple button, to customize the power behind each dab hit.  A water filtration system keeps every cloud of vapor cool, smooth, and flavorful.

How to Use

The Dabtron was designed to be easy to use, even by dabbing beginners, with an intuitive interface and minimal setup requirements.  The first thing to note is that it offers two output modes: on-demand, and session.  If you want to operate on-demand mode, you can just hold down the power button, so that the device begins pulsing, which heats the chamber.  For session mode, you can double-click the button instead, which maintains the device’s power for about 20 seconds, and then turns it off.

Then, you’ll want to get to the temperature presets, which are color-coded.  Blue is the lowest setting, and then comes yellow, followed by green, and finally, the hottest setting, which is red.  Many people say that the blue setting is suitable for most dabbers who want to enjoy big clouds of vapor and fantastic flavor, and it’s been said that red is often too much for most dabs.

Now, with all that being said, let’s break down using this device into steps.

  1. Hold down the power button to preheat the chamber.
  2. Load the chamber with your concentrate of choice.  Make sure that your concentrate is properly melting by looking into the chamber before applying the carb cap.  The yellow heat setting can make this process happen more quickly if necessary.
  3. Once the concentrate is melting properly, begin rotating the carb cap so that airflow can properly work its way through the chamber.
  4. Now that your concentrate has melted properly, you can stop applying the heat setting, apply your carb cap, and turn on the blue preset to bring down the temperature – this will ensure the best flavor and vapor output.
  5. Now, to inhale, place your finger onto the hole of the carb cap and take a dab hit.  You can also keep the hole open, which brings more air into the chamber.

This process works for both on-demand and session mode, although with session mode, you only need to do this entire process once, as the heat will continue to be applied for about 20 seconds.

Our Review

Now, let’s give our review, based on our time using the Dabtron.  We’re going to break our review down into categories to cover all of the bases.

How It’s Designed

The Dabtron has a fantastically efficient and portable design, which is a huge plus.  It’s ergonomic, with an elongated mouthpiece that feels super comfortable and secure.  The actual device is very easy to grip, and we love that the glass piece, which holds the water, was specially designed to be as easily removable as possible.  Overall, the aesthetics are on point, with a sleek, sophisticated, and modern look.

In terms of construction, the e-rig is on point.  The borosilicate glass base jar is extremely durable, with low thermal expansion to avoid thermal shock.  The heat-resistant carb cap is equally resilient.


The Dabtron, like we said, is super user-friendly.  E-rigs are, by nature, user-friendly compared to their analog counterparts, as they don’t need to be manually heated, and a lot of the functions are automated.  The button system is very intuitive, and loading the chamber couldn’t be simpler.  Dissembling can be done with minimal effort so that you can clean the device without putting a lot of time into taking everything apart.  Also, it’s compatible with 510-threaded vape cartridges.

The Features

We love all of the features that are built into this device.  The battery’s capacity is above-average, to make your device last longer between charging sessions.  The dual-mode operation system is a massive bonus, making it really easy to enjoy your dab hits on your terms, whether you prefer one hit at a time or a few hits per session.  In particular, session mode gives you a hands-free way to enjoy dabbing, to make the process incredibly convenient.  It also preserves your battery life, which always comes in handy.

Output Capabilities

The use of four heat presets (via voltage) provides plenty of output potential so that you can really customize the qualities in each dab hit.  Having four presets to choose from definitely isn’t unheard of in the e-rig world, but we’re glad to see that there are plenty of options, regardless.

Overall Dabbing Quality

The Dabtron will absolutely give you outstanding vapor quality through its brilliant features and design.  The overall rig boasts some of the most thoughtfully designed airflow we’ve seen, which plays a massive role in the smoothness and flavor of your clouds, by improving condensation inside the chamber.  The carb cap design really goes above and beyond to offer maximum vapor output.

Meanwhile, the use of quartz and ceramic in the atomizer itself add to the smoothness of each dab hit.  These materials heat evenly to vaporize your concentrates in a way that maximizes their potential.  Of course, there’s also the temperature factor, so bear in mind that the temp preset you have selected will play a big role in the quality of each dab hit.

Does it Have Any Drawbacks?

We’ve gone over everything that we love about the Dabtron from Seshgear, but is there anything that we’re not a fan of?  There aren’t any big drawbacks, but again, the higher temperature presets may burn your concentrates, or, at the very least, take away from the flavor.  And, the heating chamber is on the small side, which would mean that you’d need to reload it somewhat frequently.

The Bottom Line

The Seshgear Electric Dab Rig is a crowd-pleasing e-rig that comes with all of the features and design elements you need to feel fully satisfied with your dab sessions.  It’s got the customizable options you’re looking for, as well as some really exciting features that add to the convenience of operating this kind of device.

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William Wootton - April 23, 2024

I used the dabtron for less than a year and it has worked great up until now.
When I charge it the green light comes on but when I load it and push button white light comes on
and it does not heat up.
Please help

Alycia - November 22, 2023

Mine is also stuck!
It flashes 5 times but is fully charged but won’t heat up!
I bought a new heating element it’s still blinking!
Please help??!!

Alexis - October 13, 2023

Plugged it in to charge it and when I unplugged it the light stayed on. It is stuck with the red light on and won’t do anything. Very frustrating no way to fix it. No response from customer service. Cashier never gave me my receipt, total waste of my money.

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