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Pulsar Range Modular Vaporizer Review and How to Use It

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The Pulsar Range Modular Vaporizer is yet another knockout piece of hardware from a brand highly regarded for their forward-thinking yet user-friendly devices. It’s a super portable device that uses conduction heating to produce the smoothest and most flavorful vapor possible, and even has an innovative quartz chamber design to improve the very concept of vaporization. Perfect for your favorite flower, this super compact vape has it all, and we’re going to look at it more in-depth today with our review.

The Basics

The Pulsar Range is an electronic vaporizer made for vaping flower and wax. It utilizes a wax chamber that’s coil-less, and is made from quartz material for maximum satisfaction through effortlessly even heating. There’s also a ceramic chamber that protects the qualities in your flower beautifully. It produces vapor within 40 seconds, thanks to an advanced conduction heating system, and comes with a dispenser attachment so you can quickly load bowls, pre-rolls, etc. with the grinder attachment.

The device features a 1500mAh battery that is recharged via a USB-C port, offering rapid charging. It also offers a wax mode as a nice alternative to the dry herb function. The wax feature offers a session mode so you can activate the heating function one time to enjoy lots of satisfying dab hits. You can activate different temperature settings between 375 and 428 degrees Fahrenheit.

How to Use

Now, let’s talk about how to properly use the Pulsar Range, step by step. The entire device operates off of a single button interface for maximum user-friendliness.

  • If you’re going to be vaping flower, remove the mouthpiece of the atomizer and insert your flower into the chamber. The grinder attachment will grind your flower for you if required. If you’re going to be dabbing wax, then you’ll want to switch the atomizer that’s attached out for the wax atomizer that’s included and activate the preheat function using the button to heat your wax chamber prior to loading it.
  • Choose your preferred temperature preset according to your needs, using the button. This system is color-coded, so you’ll know which temperature it’s set at.
  • Hold down the button to take a hit.

Our Review

Now, let’s go ahead and offer our more comprehensive review, since we got the chance to enjoy the Pulsar Range ourselves, trying out both wax and flower with this exceptional vaping device.

How It’s Designed

We love the design of the Pulsar Range, as it’s extremely compact – small enough to fit into a pocket with no problems, in other words – yet super durable. You can tell just by handling it that it’s made from high-grade materials, so that it can handle the occasional drop or fall, along with the high temps that it can reach. The mouthpiece is super comfortable, and overall, it’s got a great, highly ergonomic grip. In terms of its aesthetics, it’s super sleek and modern-looking, which we love.


The device is as user-friendly as they come, basically. The instruction manual, of course, will give you all of the instructions you need, but overall, this single-button device couldn’t be easier to operate – or clean, by the way. The chamber loading method is super intuitive, as it’s just a matter of taking off the mouthpiece. Switching between the two atomizers is a piece of cake, and even attaching the device to a bong, rig, or other glass piece doesn’t get any easier.

The Features

The device is packed with essential features, without any unnecessary bells and whistles. The high-capacity battery ensures that you’ll get a lot of satisfying sessions in between charging, and the ability to switch between wax and herb so smoothly is a great plus. The grinder attachment is designed wonderfully, helping you avoid a mess while grinding efficiently. The session mode that comes with the wax function is a really nice feature, as is the 40-second heating time.

Output Capabilities

This device’s output is based on temperature presets, ranging from 375-428 degrees, to accommodate both flower and wax. Because it uses presets, it’s very easy to try out each one, knowing that each preset was selected specifically to bring out the best qualities in your product.

Overall Vapor Quality

You won’t be let down by the Pulsar Range in terms of the quality of vapor that it produces. Yes, this device is very small, and so you won’t get the massive clouds you’re used to from a desktop vaporizer or e-rig. But, you probably won’t care either, because the vapor is smooth, thick, and abundant, with stunning flavor that comes from the clever designs of the atomizers, as well as the materials from which they’re made (quartz and ceramic).

Does it Have Any Drawbacks?

Now that we’ve talked about all of the great ways in which the Pulsar Range can satisfy your vaping needs, you might be wondering if there are any cons to be aware of. Well, of course, the size of the device means that the power is not going to be as intense as with a desktop piece. And, it can’t reach the super high temperatures that an e-rig can. But, all in all, it does a brilliant job at giving you top-notch vaping sessions with both dry herb and wax.

The Bottom Line

Clearly, the Pulsar Range Modular Vaporizer is a fantastic choice for anyone who loves vaping dry herb and wax on the go, and just doesn’t want to give up features like temperature control or fast preheat. It’s highly efficient, incredibly compact, and intensely powerful for such a small device.

I've been vaping for years, and the Pulsar Range Modular Vaporizer has completely revolutionized my experience. The modular design is ingenious. I can switch between dry herb, concentrate, and oil attachments effortlessly. The vapor quality is superb, and the adjustable airflow is a dream. This is the future of vaping!

- Matthew S.

I love how versatile the Pulsar Range Vaporizer is. Whether I want to enjoy a relaxing evening with dry herbs or get a quick pick-me-up with concentrates, this vaporizer has got me covered. The modular components are easy to swap out, making it a breeze to switch between different vaping materials.

- Theodor N.

Not only does the Pulsar Range perform exceptionally well, but it also looks amazing. The sleek and modern design is a head-turner. I've received compliments on it from friends who aren't even into vaping. It's like a piece of art that delivers an incredible vaping experience.

- Nick J.

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