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How to Unclog a .510 Cart

How to Unclog a .510 Cart


We've all had a clogged vape cart before, and it's no fun. In this article, we will go over our best tips on how to unclog a .510 cart. 

Why Do Carts Get Clogged?

If you vape frequently, you probably run into clogged carts often. But why do carts clog so much? It's partially because the liquid inside is so thick that when it gets pulled up into the mouthpiece, it can cause a jam. Additionally, residue can also build up after many vaping sessions, eventually causing a blockage inside the mouthpiece. 


Tips For Unclogging Your .510 Cart

  1. Use Your Mouth

This is the simplest method to unclog a .510 cart. While your vape is off, pretend to take hits on your device. This suction can help to loosen up any clogs and get your cart back in working order. 

  1. Use Heat

As previously mentioned, the liquid inside your cart is very thick, so you can attempt to thin it out using mild heat. This can be done by placing your cart in a warm area of your home or even going over it with a blowdryer in short increments. 

Adding heat can be a helpful tool when getting rid of unwanted clogs, but be wary. Putting your cart into high heat or keeping it in low heat for a prolonged period can cause the compounds inside to break down, rendering the cart useless.

  1. Use a Small Tool

If you're dealing with a particularly tough or crystallized clog, you can try to dislodge it using a needle or toothpick. Be careful when using this method, as sticking a tool too far into the cart can damage it beyond repair. 

Clog Prevention

The best way to take care of clogs in your cart is to prevent them in the first place. You can do this by:

  • Clean your vape- It's essential that you clean your vape correctly and frequently to avoid clogs. For best results, disassemble your vape and wipe away any debris on each piece. 
  • Choose quality carts- Low-quality carts are much more likely to clog. The best way to get rid of blocked up carts is to purchase your cannabis products from a reputable, high-quality company in the first place. 
  • Avoid cold temperatures- Storing your cart in a cold place can cause the liquid inside to thicken or even crystallize, creating clogs. It's best to store your carts at room temperature, about 72 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, make sure you place the cap back over the mouthpiece of your vape when not in use to prevent dust or debris from building up. 

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