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How to Troubleshoot a Jammed or Clogged Disposable Vape Pen

How to Troubleshoot a Jammed or Clogged Disposable Vape Pen

Cannabinoid lovers know that few thrills come close to opening up a new disposable vape pen that comes in an exciting, tasty strain.  Disposable vape pens have changed the hemp industry landscape, offering a user-friendly, maintenance-free and enormously gratifying way to enjoy Delta 8 THC, Delta 10 THC, THC-O, and more.

Now, while disposables are generally known for being incredibly reliable and satisfying, there’s always a very slight chance that your device is going to give you an issue that needs to be fixed.  The most common problem that occurs is a clogged or jammed disposable vape pen, which means that you can keep pulling on that mouthpiece, but no vapor emerges.

What Causes a Jammed or Clogged Disposable?

A clogged or jammed cartridge can be caused by a few different issues, and the cause that’s affecting your disposable device determines what needs to be done to fix the problem.

Issue #1: Poor Manufacturing

Sometimes, the issue is the manufacturer’s fault.  A low-quality coil, a low-quality vape oil or poor construction that restricts airflow can all make it pretty much impossible to take a puff of vapor.  The good news is that this is uncommon among higher-quality brands that already have a strong reputation for selling excellent disposable vape devices.

Issue #2: Debris in the Mouthpiece

Sometimes, a clog or jam is caused by a piece of debris that has made its way into the mouthpiece.  This debris can come from outside, such as a piece of lint that was in the same pocket where you keep your disposable during the day.  Or, it can be a chunk of vape oil resin that has hardened and made its way up into the airflow channel.

Issue #3: Crystallization

The most common cause is crystallization.  Cannabinoids in their isolated form are prone to crystallizing due to their chemical properties.  This happens most often when the vape oil in your disposable is exposed to a colder temperature.  Once it crystallizes, the heat of the coil won’t be enough to convert it back into its desirable oil form.

How to Fix a Jam or Clog in Your Disposable Vape Pen

So, let’s say that you are dealing with a clog or jam in your disposable, and you want to see if you can fix it yourself.  First, let’s talk about the things that you shouldn’t do.

DO NOT: Taking the Disposable Vape Pen Apart

It may be tempting to take apart your disposable and see what’s going on inside that’s causing the issue.  But, disposables are not meant to be taken apart.  Doing this will just break the disposable beyond repair.

DO NOT: Pulling on the Disposable Vape Pen Until It Works Again

Maybe you think that if you just keep pulling harder, your disposable will finally start working again.  The problem is that draw-activated disposables cause the coil to heat up by the pressure of your inhales.  Pulling repeatedly when the vape oil isn’t actually entering the coil is going to cause the coil to burn out.

DO NOT: Hitting the Disposable Vape Pen Hard Against a Surface

This is just a bit of commonsense here, as smacking your disposable against a surface in an effort to break up a clog is more likely to break your device than actually fix the issue.  We mean, you could crack the cartridge or cause the battery to leak.

DO NOT: Exposing a Disposable Vape Pen to High, Direct Heat

Trying to break up crystallization by boiling your disposable, microwaving it, or even applying a heat source like a flame to it, is just gonna melt the disposable and completely destroy it for good.  Not only that, but this also extremely dangerous to do, as you risk the device exploding, thus casing a potential fire hazard.

What Could Be Done Then to Fix Your Disposable Vape Pen Issue?

Fortunately, hope is not totally lost yet, vapers, as there are some simple things  you can do to fix the problem.

Tip #1: Apply Gentle and Controlled Heat

If the issue is crystallization, or a clog caused by resin gunk that’s stuck in the mouthpiece, gentle heat is the way to go.  Try holding a blow dryer about a foot away from the device.  Alternatively, you can place it a few inches from a heating vent.

Tip #2: Try to Dislodge a Clog in the Mouthpiece

If you know that a piece of debris has gotten into the mouthpiece, you can use something like a toothpick to try to fish it out.  Just don’t insert it so deep into the cartridge that you accidentally damage the coil.

Tip #3: Contact the Manufacturer

Another option is contacting the manufacturer, who may be able to provide more insight relevant to their specific disposable.  If your device arrives clogged, then there’s a good chance that your disposable is eligible for a refund or replacement.

Overall, Most Disposable Vape Pen Clogging and Jamming Issues are Easy to Fix

While clogs and jams are definitely annoying, the good news is that in most cases, they’re easy to fix.  And, even better, they’re pretty rare in the first place.  The key is buying only high-quality disposable vape pens from trusted brands, such as ELYXR.  Plus, once again, keeping them at room temperature or slightly above to prevent crystallization.  Also, make sure to store your disposable away from debris that can get into the mouthpiece.  Because, as we cannot stress this enough, doing all of these things will make it far less likely to run into this issue again.

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