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Delta 8 disposable vapes

Everything You Need to Know About Delta 8 Disposable Vapes

Delta 8 disposable vapes are the newest and hottest item among smoking enthusiasts. We’ve heard your pleas, and backed by popular demand, Elyxr is proud to announce that we are now selling delta 8 disposable vapes. These vapes come fully loaded with 1000mg of our signature delta 8, and we have a whopping 20 different strains to choose from. We wrote this article to give you a rundown and answer any questions that you may have. So, without further adieu, here’s everything you need to know about delta 8 disposable vapes.

What are delta 8 disposable vapes? 

Disposable vapes are single-use vapes meant to be disposed of or thrown away after they run out of juice. This is in contrast to a cart, which is a tube filled with nicotine juice or distillate that attaches to a battery. Once the cart is empty, you throw that away, but you continue to keep the battery. 

Disposable vapes are also in contrast to a pod-style vape such as a JUUL or a PAX. These pod vapes are made up of a battery similar to that of a vape cart. A pod containing juice or distillate is then inserted into the battery. The main difference between cart-style vapes and pod-style vapes is the design. Pod-style vapes feature a flat, compact design that mimics a USB, where cart-style vapes feature a slender tubular design that mimics a pen. Our disposable vapes share the same compact design as pod-style vapes but without the need to worry about refilling pods. 

The history of disposable vapes

Various different vapes

When it came out in 2015, JUUL instantly became massively popular among nicotine users due to its discrete nature. Plus, its small size made it favorable for portability. But these benefits came at a price: the pod-style vape is extremely easy to lose. So a company came along to take advantage of this shortfall known as Puff Bar. In 2019, Puff Bar hit shelves and turned the vape industry on its head. These disposable vapes promptly became the top product as they were inexpensive, and if you lost one, you didn’t have to take a significant loss financially, as would be the case with JUUL.  

Delta 8 disposable vape benefits

Elyxr has taken the same disposable vape style into account and designed our very own line of delta 8 disposables. These vapes have many great benefits. First and foremost, they are small and super lightweight. This design allows you to easily slip one in your pocket to carry it around with you throughout the day.  

Another great benefit is the discretionary aspect of these vapes. You can pull it out, take a quick hit, and have it back in your pocket before anyone around you even notices what you’ve done. 

The most significant advantage of these disposables is their convenience. Each vape comes with a 1 gram tank of delta 8 and a fully charged 280mAh battery. Because of this, you don’t have to worry about a charger. You also don’t have to worry about attaching a pod or a cart. You simply take it out of the packaging and start puffing. 

All of our delta 8 disposable vapes are loaded with d8 made from quality hemp grown in California, Oregon, and Colorado. As we mentioned previously, there are twenty different strains to choose from. While we won’t be covering them all in this article, here are some of the highlights. 

Sunset Sorbet

Sunset Sorbet is a potent hybrid at 93% Δ8. You’ll feel a resounding high throughout your entire body that combines with a burst of energy. You’ll feel calm and carefree as feelings of tension and stress are washed away. Enjoy the exceedingly sweet and citrusy flavor from every puff that is delivered via the robust terpenes. Buy now


This hybrid strain delivers the perfect combination of joy, relaxation, and euphoria. It's especially potent at 94%, so make sure to take it slow with just a hit or two at first. The terpenes of Zookies feature a pungent diesel flavor that will leave a slight aftertaste of cookies behind. Buy now

Blue Dream

This Sativa strain is stimulating and has subtle waves of body relaxation. At a mellow 92%, this is the perfect disposable to puff on throughout the day to maintain a hazy, dreamy mood. Blue dream is a fan favorite, and for good reason. The sweet berry flavor combines with the buttery smooth high. Buy now

Pineapple Express

Made famous by the film of the same name, this strain does not disappoint. Pineapple Express is a powerful sativa. Pineapple Express is highly energizing and will induce feelings of creativity and focus. It has a vibrant citrus flavor profile that leaves you with notes of pineapple on the pallet. Perfect for daytime use, Pineapple Express sits at a solid 93% Δ8 content. Buy now


This is a very potent Indica at 94%. It’s probably best to smoke Tahoe at a time when you aren’t planning to leave your house. Waves of calm will wash over you, giving you a cogent body high that might compel you to stay planted just where you are, whether that be your couch or your bed. Looking for a good night’s sleep? Take a few puffs of this disposable vape as you’re getting ready to hit the hay. Buy now


Do you like for your delta 8 to taste like candy? Yeah, we do too. That’s why we brewed up this special concoction of terpenes to bring you a delta 8 vape featuring the wildly popular Zkittlez strain. This indica features a Δ8 content of 94%. Take a hit and enjoy the blast of tropical flavor as well as a relaxing, euphoric, blissful high. Buy now

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Jason - April 21, 2024

I don’t buy disposable vapes because I don’t know how to use them. What is the side button for? Does it need to be depressed while I suck in for it to work? How many times do I suck on it each time? How long do I suck on it?

I have never used a vape of any type but I have smoked cigarettes a bit in my life.

If anyone could send me some pointers that would be great.

Thank you

Phil Chase - September 6, 2023

I was given a gift of a 2 ML ICE CREAM CAKE disposable with an apparent recharge port. It worked briefly and quit. The small white “draw” light did glow when using the device. But now only flashes. I tried to recharge it but was not successful. The cartridge is almost full. Please help..

Shari Pierce - May 13, 2023

This is sooooo cool. I’m 71 and I’m trying this new stuff. Its a learning experience . I spent almost two hours trying to figure out the vape thing, and all I had to do was puff puff. Neato. I got to get me some more of them.

David Jones - January 30, 2023

I bought cartridge elyxr og it never arrived but I did get my star fruit disposable I can’t get it too work I’ve getten coupe hits and f it

Kristian Berry - December 31, 2022

What kind of cord do you need to charge these? My normal USB cord has an end connector that isn’t wide enough to fit into the charging point on the unit.

Antonio Wreckreational - December 28, 2021

The disposables tend to jam up in cold weather. Try putting it in a warm place and keep sucking until the flow comes back. You can also gently pry off the tip and clean it with a toothpick and all the hand sanitizer that’s around the house. Namaste my friend. Antonio Wreckreational: Chef, Cannabis Educator Guru

Rae Oswald - December 24, 2021

Both 2 new caps in dispable 1ml. Niether will work, they are charged. Very disappointed in this product. Bought Christmas peppermint chocolate and sunset sorbet bought in 1ml. HOW DO I THEM TO WORK!!!???? Rae Oswald 260 249 3717. Address 13928 Aboite Road Roanoke Indiana46783. I’ve tried blowing out both ends and NOTHING. HOW LUCKY FOR ME TO MESSED UP ONES IN ONE PURCHASE.

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