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Delta 8 and ADHD

Delta 8 Can Help Relieve Symptoms of ADHD

What is the relationship between delta 8 and ADHD? Delta 8 is a THC isomer that is very similar to it’s counterpart, delta 9 THC. But the main difference revolves around potency. Delta 8 will get you high, but that high will be very mellow⸺more akin to a buzz. Because the effects of delta 8 are so much more moderate than those of delta 9, it is preferable for daily use. You can take delta 8 and still be able to perform your job. The same can’t be said for delta 9. This opens up the door for a broader range of potential uses. Among these, there is one that has been reported time and time again by users: delta 8 THC appears to be highly effective at treating ADHD. 

What are the medical benefits of delta 8?

Delta 8 for ADHD

As we mentioned, the fact that delta 8 elicits a milder high has some exciting implications in terms of its uses. This is especially true in terms of medical benefits. Delta 8 THC is great for alleviating pain and inflammation, as well as aiding with sleep. Δ8 is also very adept at inducing appetite. In fact, some believe Δ8 may be more effective at appetite stimulation than any other cannabinoid, including traditional THC. 

The implications of daily use

What do we mean when we say the implications of daily use? To illustrate this, let’s compare delta 8 with medicinal marijuana. Marijuana has a lot of really excellent health features. This is why it has been effectively legalized for medical use in virtually every US state. Marijuana is an outstanding treatment for chemotherapy patients as it stimulates their appetite and soothes nausea. It is also a good tool for those who have chronic and debilitating pain. But THC delta 9 is a powerful psychotropic. Therefore, it is not the best thing to use for something like minor back pain. Delta 8 would be better suited to the job. Back pain may be annoying, but it’s probably not a good enough excuse to miss work. And you definitely don’t want to show up to your job baked. Delta 8, on the other hand, won't interfere with your ability to perform your job while simultaneously relieving pain and inflammation. 

Delta 8 vs CBD

Delta 8 is a great treatment for pain and inflammation, but does this necessarily mean it can treat ADHD? Other cannabinoids have similar capabilities. So what sets Delta 8 apart? Take CBD, for example. Why wouldn’t you just use CBD to treat your ADHD? This is where delta 8’s psychoactive properties come into play. Psychoactive substances affect processes in the brain revolving around feelings, thoughts, and behavior. Because of this, they can have an impact on people with cognitive disorders such as ADHD. 

Delta 8 and ADHD

Delta 8 vs ADHD medication

ADHD is a widespread condition. An estimated 6 million children in the US have been diagnosed with ADHD, and an estimated 4% of the adult population in the US have it currently. ADHD is a neurodevelopmental disorder that causes an inability to sit still or stay focused on a single task for any reasonable amount of time. Those with ADHD also tend to be very disorganized, scatterbrained, and overly hyper. Symptoms often appear early on, between the ages of 3-6. But in recent years, scientific discoveries have found that these symptoms may appear later in life or worsen as a person enters adulthood. The most common method for treating ADHD is medication. According to a 2016 report by the CDC, 62% of children ages 2-17 diagnosed with ADHD were on medication. This medication typically takes the form of Adderall or Ritalin. These medications are heavy stimulants that are very effective at treating the symptoms of ADHD. The problem is, they are not without significant side effects. These side effects include decreased appetite, weight loss, nervousness, and trouble sleeping. There can be some more severe side effects as well. According to the NCBI a number of studies have been conducted which found that Methylphenidate (the main ingredient in Ritalin) stunted physical growth in children. These stimulants also raise blood pressure significantly, leading to cardiovascular problems down the road for people with pre-existing heart conditions. 

While delta 8 is obviously not an option for children, it could help adults with ADHD avoid a life of stimulant dependence. 

Delta 8 ADHD Reddit

Delta 8, induces calm and relaxation with none of the side effects of Adderall and Ritalin. On a Reddit page called r/delta8, people chat and openly discuss their experiences with the substance. These discussions are called “threads.” In one of these threads, a user says that they consume Δ8 in the evenings to help with anxiety, depression, and ADHD. You can read the full thread here.

In another thread, a user writes, “not trying to get baked, just trying to get by, is delta 8 right for me?” The user goes on to explain that they have ADHD and heard cannabis was a good treatment. They clarify that they’ve tried delta 9 and didn’t enjoy the paranoia that came with it. As we’ve covered in previous articles, paranoia is a prevalent side effect of marijuana use. This user wants to know if Δ8 would be a better option. If you scroll through the comments, many people sympathize with this user's reports and confirm that Δ8 is an excellent way to help relieve ADHD symptoms. Read the full thread here

In this instance, we see that many people who use Δ8 aren’t using it just to get high, as is most often the case for Δ9 THC. People just want something to help with their anxiety and ADHD without getting stoned or experiencing paranoia. 

Communities like this on the internet are incredibly beneficial. The reason being that Δ8 is still so new. Very few studies have been conducted on it. Social media pages like Reddit give us a unique chance to share firsthand accounts and spread helpful information. A 2016 study analyzed online discussion threads and found that 25% of individuals believe that cannabis effectively treats ADHD.

A shifting landscape 

Perhaps there is a subtle shift occurring in the way that people treat their conditions. Thanks to social media and the internet, knowledge and information travel like lightning through cyberspace. People no longer want to wait for their doctors or their lawmakers to tell them what’s right and wrong⸺to tell them how best to take care of their own bodies. If someone suffering from ADHD learns that they can alleviate their symptoms with delta 8, why not try it? As doctor Jack McCue puts it in an article by HealthLine that examines cannabis and ADHD, “it may be that they [patients with ADHD who use cannabis], not their doctors are correct.” 

If you are struggling with ADHD and want to give delta 8 a try, take a look at our Focus delta 8 tincture. We’ve formulated this unique blend of terpenes to maximize focus and concentration throughout the day without leaving you feeling sluggish.  

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