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What is Amanita Muscaria Mushroom and How Can You Spot It?

What is Amanita Muscaria Mushroom and How Can You Spot It?

At Elyxr, our focus has been on the cannabinoids found in the hemp plant, which bring about a variety of potential benefits, and, in most cases, psychoactive effects, through their interaction with our body’s endocannabinoid system.  But now, we’re introducing something a little different to our customers: amanita muscaria mushroom, a mushroom species that’s renowned for its properties which can offer all kinds of valuable effects to its users.

Amanita muscaria mushroom is nothing new.  It’s a mushroom that’s grown in the wild throughout history.  So, why is it just now making its way onto the market, and what can it do for those who take it?  Is it even legal?  Let’s find out.

Amanita Muscaria Mushroom: The Basics

Amanita muscaria mushroom is one of the most easily recognized mushrooms in nature, known for its distinctive red cap with white spots.  It’s so distinctive, in fact, that it’s a staple of pop culture, often illustrated with its white polka dots.  The cap is large and round, and sits atop a thick and short beige stem.  Because no other mushroom really resembles it, it’s easy to spot in the wild, although we do always urge people to be careful as there are simply too many deadly mushroom species out there that could very vaguely resemble it in some way or another.

Amanita muscaria is also a mushroom with a very cherished and rich history.  Mainly, it’s been utilized for centuries by tribal cultures throughout Asia, Europe, and North America, used for spiritual and ceremonial purposes.  This is thanks to its active compound, muscimol, which is a hallucinogenic, making the mushroom psychedelic.

What are the Effects of Amanita Muscaria?

Like we said, the active component of amanita muscaria is muscimol, which is a psychedelic compound that can cause hallucinations along with a number of generally desirable effects.  Muscimol is known as a GABA agonist, meaning that it promotes unique effects within the nervous system that may help alleviate mood-related symptoms and generally act as a sedative.  Muscimol is also responsible for the intoxicating high of the mushroom, and has traits similar to psilocybin, a compound found in other species of “magic mushrooms.

So, what is the high like?  Well, that can largely depend on the user and their circumstances, along with how much they consume.  But, overall, people find it to be great for anxiety, depression, PTSD, and other mood-related imbalances.  Many say that the high is very introspective, and even transformative, as it can bring about feelings of enhanced spirituality, and provide the user with insights into their lives and the world around them.  Many also describe a feeling of euphoria.

People also report a feeling of relief from physical discomfort in the body.  Sadly, there isn’t a ton of research that has gone into understanding the more physical effects of the mushroom, but there is reason to believe that it may be able to reduce discomfort in the joints and muscles of the body.

Is the Mushroom Safe?

Again, amanita muscaria mushroom has been used widely throughout the world for centuries, and we know that when taken properly, it’s not associated with any major health consequences.  One thing that must be kept in mind is that the mushroom can be deadly when consumed raw, potentially causing neurological effects, kidney failure, or liver failure.  For this reason, the mushroom must be boiled before it can be consumed, as this will destroy the toxins and make it safe for consumption.  Keep in mind that the commercially available amanita muscaria products sold at Elyxr have been properly prepared in this manner.

Overall, the mushroom is not known to cause any kind of dependency, but you do need to keep in mind that it’s intoxicating, and will cause impairment.  This means that you need to use it responsibly, by avoiding driving or any other activity that comes with particular risk to you or others.  And, naturally, something that’s known for its psychedelic effects should be taken with caution in order to avoid getting too intoxicated, which could lead to feelings of paranoia or anxiety.

Is Amanita Muscaria Legal?

Many people are surprised to discover that amanita muscaria mushroom is completely legal in the United States.  In fact, it’s never been illegal at any point in history.  What is illegal is the variety of psychedelic mushrooms that contain psilocybin, the other well-known psychedelic compound found in the mycology world.

Amanita muscaria mushroom is perfectly legal under federal law, and that’s why we’re able to sell it at Elyxr.  Still, as many of us know from observing the hemp industry over the years, state laws can differ, and may make the mushroom illegal.  For now, the only state that has made amanita muscaria illegal is Louisiana, which means that Elyxr can ship these products to any other state in the country.  Just keep in mind that as the mushroom becomes more popular, other states may restrict it in some way or another, so always stay up to date on your state’s laws.

Where Can I Buy Amanita Muscaria?

While it’s true that more and more companies are selling amanita muscaria products, the reality is that you are going to want to be extremely careful about where you’re buying it from.  Sadly, as is always the case with just about any industry, quality and effectiveness levels can vary dramatically, and some products being sold may be unsafe, or downright fake.

We recommend sticking to an online retailer that already has a strong reputation for the quality and safety standards of their products, as overall, online retailers have higher standards than local retail.  Make sure to look for third-party lab reports, as you do with cannabinoid-based products, along with reviews, and lists of ingredients.

Give Amanita Muscaria a Try at Elyxr!

Amanita muscaria is a long-celebrated mushroom with an important place in history.  And, thankfully, it’s legal in the United States, in all but one state.  What this means is that you can go right ahead and see for yourself why it’s been the mushroom of choice for all kinds of religious and spiritual ceremonies over the last several centuries.

At Elyxr, we’re committed to bringing you only the most effective and safe amanita muscaria products.  We sell them in gummy form, to make them all the easier and more enjoyable to consume.  Our gummies come in delicious flavors, and offer a variety of fresh, natural ingredients alongside our lab-tested, carefully sourced amanita extract.  If you’re ready for a whole new kind of legal high, explore these products today.

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