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RAW Cone Flying Disc "Puff, Puff, Pass"


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RAW Cone Flying Disc


  • RAW Cone Flying Disc
  • Can be used as a Rolling Tray
  • Thick and Sturdy
  • Perfect for Frisbee and Disc Golf Driver
  • 10.5" Diameter

The RAW Cone Flying Disc with cone holder is ingeniously designed to securely hold one RAW cone at a time, ensuring your cone stays intact until you're ready to smoke. This convenient accessory is ideal for on-the-go cone enjoyment, sparing you the worry of damaging your cones in transit.

Crafted from durable plastic and adorned with the iconic RAW branding, the disc promises longevity and reliability. Its central cone holder makes it easy to share with friends and pass around during smoke sessions.

With this innovative disc, you can enjoy your cones without the hassle of holding them in your hands. Whether you're smoking solo or with friends, this accessory elevates your smoking experience, ensuring your cones are always ready for a smooth and enjoyable smoke.