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Purple Psilly Dots Mega Dose Tabs (1200mg)

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Dive deep into cognitive enhancement with Purple Psilly Dots Mega Dose Tabs (1200mg). Each tablet unleashes a potent blend of mushroom extracts and nootropics, tailored to elevate your perception and introspection. Perfect for those seeking to enhance creativity or achieve profound self-awareness, these tabs offer a reliable, consistent dosage for transformative experiences. Choose your level of enhancement, from subtle creativity boosts to deep, introspective journeys, with each pack providing multiple doses to customize your path to enlightenment.


Dosage Guide

  • 1 Tab: Perfect for those looking to stay productive while feeling relaxed and connected. Ideal for creative sessions, social gatherings, or a mellow day.
  • 2 Tabs: Dive deeper into a euphoric state that promotes self-reflection and mental clarity. Great for meditative practices or exploring personal insights.
  • 3 Tabs: For those ready to explore the depths of altered states, three tablets provide a profound experience. Best suited for experienced users seeking a transformative journey.