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Purple Cannadelic Microdose Gummies (6000mg)


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Introducing Purple's Cannadelic Microdose Gummies, your gateway to an unparalleled psychedelic experience, all within the convenience of a small, flavorful snack. Each package contains 10 gummies, totaling 6000mg to guarantee a potent burst of taste and a joyful sensation with every bite.

These gummies are thoughtfully made to accommodate those who are vegan and gluten-free, offering a delightful snack without any guilt. Designed for microdosing, each gummy divides into 3 servings, with each serving providing 600mg, perfect for achieving a subtle yet effective high. They're enhanced with legally sourced mushrooms and D9 THC for a remarkable experience devoid of psilocybin.

For those aiming to boost their creativity, improve their mood, or relax after a stressful day, the Purple Cannadelic Microdose Gummies are an ideal selection. Embark on a unique psychedelic journey today.