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Lookah Swordfish


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Lookah Swordfish 

The Lookah Swordfish dab pen is a portable wax concentrate vaporizer featuring a 710 thread connection and porous quartz buckets. Customize your vaping experience with three voltage levels: the lower voltage preserves the rich terpenes and flavonoids in your wax, while higher voltages allow for bigger rips.

Inspired by the ocean depths where the elusive swordfish hunts, the sleek design includes a clamshell bracket with a magnetic cover for quick and easy access to the atomizing dish.


  • 26.4mm(L) 43mm(W) 116mm(H)
  • Built-in Battery 950mAh
  • Charging Current 250mA
  • In-put Voltage 5V Resistance 0.50~3.5
  • Type-C Charging Port (Fast Charging)


  • 1 Swordfish Unit  
  • 2 Atomizing Cup
  • 1 Dab Tool
  • 1 Type-C USB