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Free Priority Shipping on Orders $149+
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Krave Kratom Capsules (150ct)


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Experience the convenience and simplicity of Krave Kratom Capsules, offering a seamless way to indulge in the enriching properties of kratom. Encapsulating 500mg of potent kratom powder per capsule, this 150ct jar delivers a generous total of 500 grams of pure kratom powder. Effortlessly swallowable and perfect for busy lifestyles, these capsules ensure you can enjoy the benefits of kratom wherever you go.

Available Strains: 

  • Red Hulu
  • Gold
  • Trainwreck
  • Red Maeng Da 
  • Red Dragon
  • Bali
  • White Thai
  • Maeng Da
  • Red Vein
  • White Maeng Da