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e115 Kratom Extract Elixir: Mood + Focus


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Ever wonder how awesome athlete and celebrity Danny Way continues to “win” at life? It's definitely hard work and dedication, but it's also a combination of powerful all-natural medicinal botanical tools in his arsenal. For Danny, a legendary skateboarder and overall badass, this includes kratom and kratom extracts. Originating in SE Asia, kratom has been used for centuries by people native to this land for everything from energy and pain support to anxiety relief and sociability enhancement. 

Today Danny shares with you his bottled version of this fantastic answer to natural MOOD and FOCUS enhancement. E115 Warp Booster Extract Elixir powered by the highest quality kratom extracts. 

A convenient 2-ounce, double-shot way to get your doses of concentrated powerful kratom extracts paired with MCT oil and delicious hazelnut flavor. Enjoy it on its own or Pro Tip: for coffee/tea enthusiasts, add a dash or a splash into your cup of coffee or tea for max warp MOOD boost and FOCUS amp.   

Recommended Usage: Each 2 fl oz bottle boasts 84 mg of mitragynine. Begin with 1 fl oz (½ bottle) and, if necessary, consume the remaining 1 fl oz after 15-20 minutes for the desired warp drive effects. 

Achieving legendary success like Danny Way takes incredible work, but you don't need to do it alone. Add E115 Warp Booster Extract Elixir to your daily routine and soar to incredible heights. Enjoy the lift-off!