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Balloon Animal Dab Rig...made by Real Clowns


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Our Balloon Dog Rigs are brought to life by Real Clowns at Cannabitches

Remember when you were a kid at a birthday party and you had to ask that clown hack to make you a cute balloon animal dog? He pulled balloons out of your ear, made you give him a high five and then gave you a balloon swan hat because he couldn't make anything else?

Well now you can bring back those beloved childhood memories with our Balloon Dog Rig! This one won't pop or deflate on you. This oil rig will actually have you pretty high on your favorite wax.

If you also want to use this rig for flower you can purchase one of our 14mm bowls.


  • 8" Length Dab Rig

  • 45° quartz banger

  • Borosilicate glass