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Free Priority Shipping on Orders $99+

HHC Disposables 2 Grams (2000mg)


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Indica - Pink Rozay: This strain will have your body at ease, but give you a heavy head high. Berry flavored with a sweet scented aroma.

Indica - Apple Fritter: Fritter has an earthy aroma, but is apple flavored. Will put you in a calm and zen state of mind. Great for a day off work.

Hybrid - Kush Mints: Offers a euphoric high with a side of happiness. Effects are complemented with its minty flavor and aroma.

Hybrid - Bonkers: Promises a smooth buzz that’s toned down in intensity. Smells like berries, but has the taste of lemon cream dessert.

Sativa - Amnesia Haze: Perfect strain to start your day with an energy boost. Perfect to get things done while still feeling mellow. A beautiful combination of citrus and lemon.

Sativa - 99 Problems: Great for the creative minds. Will have ideas pouring out of you, and gives exhilarating energy. Has a mix of skunky, sweet, and diesel aroma.
Ingredients: Hemp Derived HHC Distillate & Terpenes.

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