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HHC Dabs (1 Gram)


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Girl Scout Cookies: Produces euphoric effects while it leaves your body completely relaxed. This sweet flavored strain will leave you feeling happy and hungry.

Ice Cream Cake: Tastes like vanilla, and is very potent. Great to use for a day in to put your body at ease, but doesn’t put you right to bed.

Lemon Jack: Perfect for those who deal with fatigue and headaches. It contains a lemony flavor and citrusy aroma.


OG Kush: Has a scent of Lemon-pine-fuel. This strain will give you a mix of a head and body high.

Cereal Milk: Contains a loud flavor of sweet milk and ice cream. Very potent and will keep you relaxed.

Blueberry OG: Promises to put you in a relaxed state of mind and will have you craving food. This blueberry flavored strain is perfect for a mood booster.


Banana OG: Sweet and fruity, tends to creep up on you. Hunger and sleepiness will slowly settle in.

Pineapple Express: Great energetic buzz, cedar and pineapple flavor.

Platinum Cookies: Fills your lungs with berry and candy. Works wonders for nausea, migraines, and stress
Ingredients: Industrial grade HHC oil, CDT.