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Half Bak’d Cosmic Conez


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Elevate your snack time with Half Bak’d Cosmic Conez, your new go-to for a snack with a cosmic twist! Each pack comes with 2 delicious cones, brimming with a captivating mix of Mushroom and D9. This unique combination offers a snacking adventure that stands apart, promising a perfect harmony of flavors and sensations that will tantalize your taste buds and leave your mind feeling exhilarated, all while steering clear of psychedelic effects.

Dive into the exquisite balance of Mushroom and D9, crafted to deliver a symphony of tastes and impacts that will have your senses dancing. Embrace the cosmic voyage with peace of mind, as our Cosmic Conez are free from Psilocybin, making them a secure and lawful snacking choice.

Packed with 2 ready-to-enjoy pre-rolled cones, these snacks are perfect for satisfying your cravings on the move, at home, or while hanging out with friends. Half Bak’d Cosmic Conez are your ideal snack mate, promising a Psilocybin-free experience for those in search of a stellar adventure without the psychedelic aftereffects.

Upgrade your snack repertoire with Half Bak’d Cosmic Conez and set off on a taste journey that’s bound to keep you coming back for more. Try them now and unlock a new realm of snacking bliss.