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Gush Kratom Gummies (200mg)


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Introducing the latest offering from Gush (Goo'd Extracts)! Elevate your daily wellness routine with Gush Kratom gummies, the ideal complement. These gummies pack a punch with 20mg of kratom per piece and come in a bag containing 10 gummies. You can rely on their purity, as they contain no artificial ingredients, ensuring a consistently perfect dose every time. It's important to note that these gummies are completely hemp-free. Currently, you have the choice of two delightful flavors: Sour Green Apple and Blue Raspberry. Users can anticipate a sense of tranquility and relaxation when enjoying these gummies. Many have also praised kratom's effectiveness as a pain reliever. To gauge your tolerance, we recommend starting with just one gummy.

Key Features:

  • Potent Kratom Gummies
  • 20mg Per Gummy
  • 10 Gummies Per Bag
  • Flavors: Sour Green Apple, Blue Raspberry


Kratom is illegal to buy, sell, possess or use in the following states: Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Wisconsin.