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Fungiez Trip Bites (3000mg)


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Dive into the depths of your mind with Fungiez Trip Bites, the premium mushroom gummies designed to enhance your sensory experiences. Each pack contains three enticing flavors:

  • Hillbilly Gummies (Strawberry): Sweet and tangy, perfect for a gentle start.

  • Extra Strength Golden Teacher Gummies (Grape): Rich and robust, ideal for a deeper journey.

  • Penis Envy Gummies (Blue Razz): Sharp and vibrant, great for adventurous explorers.

Each gummy packs 500mg, with six pieces per container totaling 3,000mg. Infused with Muscarine, Muscimol, and Ibotenic Acid, Fungiez Trip Bites are perfect for both new and experienced users looking to explore new perspectives or simply enjoy a potent, flavorful treat. Unlock your mind’s potential with every bite!