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Feelin Spacey Lighter 3 Pack by Cannabitches


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Feelin Spacey Torch Lighter 3 Pack by Cannabitches

Keep them all for yourself or gift each one to a friend. These lighters are the perfect stocking stuffer 💜

Comes with one ALIENS! lighter, one Glitchy lighter and one Cosmic Stardust lighter. These are regular sized torch lighters. Jet Torch Lighters are Windproof and Refillable.

Please note that these lighters are not vinyl wrapped but directly printed on! The print is repeated on both sides.

The bottom of the lighter comes in orange, green, purple, blue and yellow bottom rims.

Although our lighters are refillable, they are still disposable lighters much like a Bic lighter or Calico. They will not have the lifetime of something like a zippo or our Cannabitches Flip Lighters.