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Cycling Frog D9/CBD Seltzer


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Discover the refreshing blend of wellbeing and flavor with Cycling Frog D9/CBD Seltzer. This distinctive beverage is carefully crafted with 5mg of premium hemp-derived Delta-9 THC and 10mg of CBD per 12oz can, designed to provide a balanced and enjoyable experience of relaxation coupled with a gentle euphoric lift. Infused with 14% real fruit juice and available in delicious flavors like Black Currant, Ruby Grapefruit, and Wild Cherry, it offers a natural taste without artificial sweeteners.

Perfect for those seeking a mindful way to relax or a sociable buzz without the hangover, Cycling Frog's seltzer invites you to unwind with a guilt-free, thirst-quenching treat. Whether you're enjoying a casual meetup with friends or winding down after a busy day, each sip delivers a smooth, crisp taste that complements any occasion.