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8" Mushroom Ceramic Water Pipe

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8" Mushroom Ceramic Water Pipe

Enhance your smoking journey with the 8" Mushroom Ceramic Water Pipe. This distinctive and artistic piece boasts a captivating design, showcasing a prominent mushroom at its center with three smaller mushrooms sprouting from its sides. The mouthpiece ingeniously mimics one of these mushrooms, infusing a playful element into the overall aesthetic.


  • Unique and artistic design
  • Trippy blue mushroom base
  • Yellow-greenish mushroom tops
  • Dotted red accents
  • Three smaller mushrooms growing from the sides
  • Mouthpiece shaped like a mushroom
  • Includes area for down stem and attached bowl
  • Durable ceramic construction

The 8" Mushroom Ceramic water pipe is not just a smoking device, but also a captivating piece of art. Its mesmerizing blue mushroom base sets a psychedelic vibe, complemented by the yellow-green mushroom tops adorned with dotted red accents for added visual intrigue.

Crafted cleverly, the mouthpiece resembles one of the smaller mushrooms, lending a seamless and playful appearance to the design. Moreover, the water pipe features a designated area for the downstem and an attached bowl, ensuring convenience and user-friendliness.

Made from sturdy ceramic, this water pipe is designed to endure regular use while delivering a smooth and pleasurable smoking experience. It perfectly blends functionality with artistic allure, making it a must-have for enthusiasts seeking both form and function.