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8.5" T-Rex Dinosaur Beaker Ceramic Hand Pipe


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8.5" T-Rex Dinosaur Beaker Ceramic Water Pipe 


  • T-Rex Dinosaur Beaker Novelty Hand Pipe
  • Size H: 8.5" x Base: 4"  w: 4"
  • Made of ceramic
  • 14mm Glass Bowl
  • Lovely Orange and stripes for a Dino T-rex 
  • Recommended for adult use only
  • A fun gift for someone who has everything!
  • Bowl Included

Indulge in the whimsical charm of this Dinosaur Novelty hand pipe. Crafted from ceramic, this Dinosaur Beaker novelty water pipe showcases a friendly-looking T-Rex with cartoonish eyes and prominent white teeth, its hands raised in a playful pose. Complete with a downstem located on the back of the dinosaur, you can easily pack the bowl and light it, while the smoke filters up through the hollow mouthpiece on the dinosaur's nose, ensuring a delightful smoking experience. This unique novelty piece adds a touch of fun to any table or counter, making it an ideal choice for a distinctive gift for a friend. Please note, this product is intended for adult use only.