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5" Black Cigar Cutter


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5" Black Cigar Cutter.


  • The sharp blades guarantee a precise and clean cut, ensuring you can enjoy your cigars effortlessly.
  • Featuring a compact design, this cigar cutter is easily portable, fitting snugly in your pocket or cigar case. Whether you're at home or on the move, you can indulge in a flawlessly cut cigar whenever and wherever.
  • Sporting a stylish black hue, this cigar cutter adds a hint of elegance to your cigar accessories. Not only does it deliver exceptional performance, but it also enhances the aesthetic appeal of your cigar collection.

Introducing the 5" Black Cigar Cutter, a sleek and functional accessory crafted to elevate your cigar-smoking experience. Combining practicality with a stylish black finish, this cutter is a must-have tool for cigar enthusiasts.

Make the 5" Black Cigar Cutter a staple in your collection of cigar accessories. Whether you're enjoying a solitary smoke or sharing cigars with friends, this cutter is engineered to deliver a superior cutting experience.