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5.5" MK100 Trippy Mushroom Premium Dab Kit


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5.5" MK100 Trippy Mushroom Dab Kit


  • MK100
  • Trippy Mushroom Premium Dab Kit
  • Height: 5.5"
  • Thickness: 5mm
  • Base Diamater: 3"
  • Joint: 14mm 90°
  • Stem Design: Stemless
  • Reinforced fixed downstem with 14mm female joint
  • Single Percolator
    • Shower Head
  • 45 ° Neck
  • 14mm Quartz Banger Included
  • Case: (30pcs/cs)

Immerse yourself in a psychedelic experience with the MK100 Glass Trippy Mushroom Premium Dab Kit! This exclusive rig boasts a distinctive design unique to MK100 glass, featuring an array of mushrooms scattered throughout and a prominent mushroom atop the perc. Included in the kit is a MK100 Premium Quartz Banger, ensuring smooth hits wherever you indulge. Watch as smoke swirls within the cylindrical dab rig, complete with a trippy mushroom mouthpiece angled at 45 degrees. Adorned with a mesmerizing monster eye on the mouthpiece stem, this kit is a perfect gift for those seeking an otherworldly trip.