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4.5" MK100 Bee Garden Dab Rig Water Pipe


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MK100 Bee Garden Dab Rig Water Pipe 


  • MK100
  • MK190 Bee Garden Dab Rig
  • Height: 4.5"
  • Thickness: 5mm
  • Base Diamater: 2.5"
  • Single Percolator
    • Shower Head Perc
  • Rimmed mouthpiece
  • Reinforced fixed downstem with 14mm female joint
  • Straight Neck
  • 14mm Glass Bowl

Experience the MK190 MK100 Bee Garden premium dab rig water pipe, hand-blown from durable borosilicate glass and adorned with a MK quartz banger. This exquisite Bee Gardens dab rig doubles as a work of art, boasting intricately blown floral designs, plants, and a bee encased within the cylindrical dab rig featuring a shower head percolator. The MK190 is a masterpiece in itself, serving as the ultimate water pipe with its contrasting colored glass accents.