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4.5" Donut Ceramic Pipe Mug


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4.5" Donut Pipe Ceramic Mug


  • Size 4.5" x 5.75" x 6"
  • Holds approx. 16 oz.
  • Made of ceramic
  • Fully functional with a pipe and mouthpiece
  • Packaged in a color box
  • A fun gift for someone who has everything!

 Indulge in the idea of a delectable donut adorned with icing and sprinkles as you sip your morning coffee and enjoy a smoke! Now, multitasking has never been easier!

This delightful novelty item is an ideal gift for any adult, featuring a vibrant stacked donut design. Attached to the side of the mug is a pipe where you can conveniently pack your tobacco and light it up. The smoke filters up to the mouthpiece on the top of the handle.

This trendy donut mug and pipe combo is not just for show—it's fully functional and comes neatly packaged in a colorful gift box.