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2 Way Double Barrel Wooden Joint Holder w/ Plastic Tip


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Double Barrel Wooden Joint Holder With Plastic Tip 


  • Double Barrel 
  • Joint Holder
  • Plastic Mouthpiece 
  • Colored Wood

These Double Wooden Barrel joint holders can accommodate 2 hand rolls or pre-rolled cones simultaneously! Handcrafted from various colored woods, each trident possesses a distinct appearance and adds a unique vibe to your smoking session. Thanks to the natural color and patterns of the wood, no two holders are identical. Additionally, each Wooden joint holder includes a detachable plastic mouthpiece.

Now, you can enjoy two of your favorite flavors simultaneously, allowing for a blend of strains or flavors! This option elevates your smoking experience, offering the opportunity to present two flavors at any smoke session, party, or while sharing with friends. Remember, sharing is caring!