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16" CHEECH Frosted Space Beaker Glass Water Pipe


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16" Legendary Sandblast Spaceman Beaker Glass Water Pipe (CHE-165)


  • High-quality glass construction
  • Sandblasted design
  • Space ship with planets and alien design
  • Available in 3 colors: clear with red and black, blue, green
  • Laser-etched Cheech logo on the bottom
  • Cheech Glass bowl and down stem

The sandblasted pattern on this water pipe creates a visually captivating texture, accentuating its space-themed design elements. Detailed depictions of a spaceship, planets, and an alien flying through the galaxy bring the design to life with remarkable intricacy.

With three striking color options to choose from - clear with red and black accents, blue, or green - each variation offers its own distinct charm, allowing you to select the perfect style to suit your preferences.

At the base of the water pipe, you'll find a laser-etched Cheech logo, showcasing the meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail. Complete with a Cheech Glass bowl and downstem, this water pipe ensures a seamless and enjoyable smoking experience.