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15" Tree Perc Silicone Water Pipe


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15" Silicone Showerhead Perc - Glass Water Pipe 

Standing proudly at a height of 15 inches, this water pipe is a durable and stylish addition to any smoking collection. Constructed from silicone, it ensures resilience, suitable for both occasional and regular use. The inclusion of a glass showerhead perc guarantees smooth and clean hits, enhancing the smoking experience.

Features include:

  • Silicone Bong
  • Bent Neck Design
  • See-Thru Chamber
  • Diffused Downstem
  • Showerhead Percolator
  • Female Joint
  • Glass Joint
  • Easy to Clean

What sets this piece apart from traditional silicone bongs is its transparent main chamber, providing a clear view of the percolator inside. This not only improves functionality but also offers a unique design rarely found in silicone water pipes.  Equipped with a 14mm female glass joint, it comes complete with a 14mm male dry herb bowl for added convenience.