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13" Glow In the Dark Mushroom Art Beaker Water Pipe


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13" Glow In the Dark Mushroom Art Beaker Water Pipe

The Glow-in-the-Dark Mushroom Beaker Bong sets itself apart from typical beaker water pipe. Measuring thirteen inches long, it boasts vibrant glow-in-the-dark mushroom designs across its body, marrying functionality with visual appeal. Key features include an extra thick borosilicate beaker base, a mouthpiece with ice pinches, and color-changing mushroom, flower, and star designs that glow in the dark. It also comes with a removable downstem for effortless cleaning.Features:

Height: 13"
Base: 5"
Thickness: 7mm
Joint: 18mm Female
Glow In the Dark Mushroom Art Design
Cylinder Beaker 
Shower Head Percolator in Down Stem
Glass Bowl

The 13" Glow In the Dark Mushroom Art Beaker Bong offers a captivating smoking experience, blending artistic flair with functional design.

Crafted meticulously with 7mm thick glass in a cylinder beaker shape, this bong ensures durability and stability for regular use. Its robust construction guarantees longevity without compromising quality. The standout feature is its mesmerizing Glow In the Dark Mushroom Art design, creating a visually stunning experience.

The 7mm thick glass not only enhances the bong's aesthetic appeal but also delivers a cool and smooth smoking experience. Its substantial thickness helps maintain the optimal temperature of the smoke for a delightful hit every time. Additionally, the bong features a showerhead percolator in the downstem, enhancing smoke filtration for smoother inhales.

With its 18mm female joint, this bong offers versatility and compatibility with various accessories, allowing you to customize your smoking experience. It comes complete with a downstem and a glass bowl for added convenience.