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11.25" Astrology Beaker Glass Water Pipe


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11.25" Astrology Beaker Glass Water Pipe

Indulge in the 11.25" Astrology Beaker Glass Water Pipe, meticulously crafted from thick glass for enhanced durability. Its robust construction ensures resilience against accidental drops, providing you with peace of mind during your smoking sessions. The design features a matte finished white body accented by a shiny gold bottom base, adorned with intricate all-seeing eyes for added mystique.

Elevate your smoking experience with this precisely crafted water pipe, combining functionality and style for an exceptional session. Standing at 11.25 inches tall, it boasts a sturdy build with 7mm thick glass, guaranteeing longevity and reliability. The striking design adds an elegant touch to your setup, while the showerhead percolator in the downstem ensures excellent filtration and diffusion for smoother, cooler hits. Complete with a glass bowl for easy loading, this water pipe offers seamless enjoyment of your favorite smoking materials.


  • Height: 11.25"
  • Base: 4.5"
  • Thickness: 7mm
  • Cylinder Beaker Design
  • Shower Head Percolator in Down Stem
  • Glass Bowl