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Delta 8 Disposable Vape

Delta 8 has exploded in popularity in recent years, and it’s pretty simple to see why. Delta 8 is not the same THC molecule that is usually restricted on a federal and state level, making it more accessible to people who reside in areas where traditional THC is not available. Delta 8 also has a mellower, more manageable high than typical THC, making it more suitable for individuals who want to avoid anxiety and paranoia, as well as those who have a lot on their plate during the day. Are you looking for a more relaxed high? Our Delta 8 disposable vapes might be just right for you.


What is Delta 8 THC?

THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is the principal chemical ingredient in cannabis that gives it its characteristic intoxicating properties. Or, at least, that’s how THC is usually described. More accurately, THC does not refer to a single chemical, but to a group of isomers found in both cannabis and hemp plants. The abbreviation is most commonly used to refer to Delta 9 specifically, the "normal" THC isomer. Isomers are molecules with the same number of molecules but differing molecular configurations. In the case of Delta 9, the molecule has a double bond on the carbon chain's ninth link.

Delta 8 is an isomer of Delta 9, which means their chemical formulae are the same, but their arrangements are different. For Delta 8, the double bond is found on the eighth rather than the ninth link of the chain. Despite the fact that this variation is (literally) small, the resulting difference is quite substantial in two ways. For one, the slightly different molecular arrangements mean that Delta 8 and Delta 9 interact with your Endocannabinoid System (ECS) in slightly different ways, resulting in slightly different experiences. Second, there’s the question of legality. Delta 9 is the specific chemical that is deemed federally illegal in the United States, but it is only one of over a hundred distinct cannabinoids found in hemp or cannabis plants. This is why similar (but not identical) cannabinoids like CBD and Delta 8 are fully legal in the majority of the United States.


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What is Delta 8 disposable vape?

Just like other disposable vapes, our Delta 8 disposable vapes come pre-charged and pre-filled with a gram of hemp-derived Delta 8 oil ready to provide full and flavorful pulls wherever you are. As they are disposable, these vapes are non-rechargeable. Once your pulls start to diminish in quality, it might be time to purchase a new disposable vape.


Delta 8, specifically, is found naturally in both cannabis and hemp plants. However, unlike other THC molecules, you’ll only find this molecule throughout the plant in very small percentages, sometimes less than 1%. Harvesting Delta 8 flower in the classic sense is then, naturally, infeasible. For this reason, Delta 8 flower is made by infusing hemp flower with Delta 8, either by spraying or immersing. The end result is a beautiful product that delivers a soothing high. Of course, breeding plants that are already high in Delta 8 would be ideal, but this process takes a long time. Not to worry, though: Delta 8-rich plants are already in the works!



Can Delta 8 disposable vape get you high?

Delta 8 disposable vapes can absolutely get you high, as they are supplying you with a direct hit of THC. Delta 8 and Delta 9 are very similar substances that interact with the Endocannabinoid System, so it's no surprise that they have psychoactive effects when ingested. However, the difference between these effects is part of what makes Delta 8 so popular.


Delta 8 is known to provide a "milder" high than Delta 9, which means you'll get all of the benefits of regular THC without some of the hazards or negatives. You'll experience relaxation, euphoria, and pain-relief without feeling anxious or paranoid. If you’ve ever had a bad experience with traditional THC, the milder high of Delta 8 might be a better choice for you. These more relaxed effects also make Delta 8 a great choice for people who need to get plenty done throughout the day, since Delta 9 can make being productive difficult or impossible.

What is the difference between a CBD disposable vape and a Delta 8 disposable vape?

Cannabinoids, such as CBD and Delta 8, are chemical compounds found in cannabis and hemp plants that interact with the endocannabinoid system. The most noticeable difference between these two specific compounds is their chemical and molecular structures.


As mentioned above, Delta 9 THC is the main “regular” psychoactive component in cannabis. Delta 8 THC is identical in chemical formula and very similar in molecular structure to Delta 9, which is why its effects are also quite similar. Like Delta 9, Delta 8 also possesses psychoactive that produce a similar, but more relaxed, high. CBD, on the other hand, is completely absent of THC, meaning that it has no psychoactive properties of its own. While there are many benefits to taking CBD, unlike Delta 8, it will not deliver a high.

The difference between a CBD disposable vape and a Delta 8 disposable vape is simply the oil that is pre-filled in the two products. A vape pre-filled with CBD oil will give you all of the benefits of CBD, no high included. A vape pre-filled with Delta 8 oil will give you all of the benefits of Delta 8, high included.


How do you use a Delta 8 disposable vape?

Disposable vapes are very popular options when it comes to Delta 8 because they are so simple and convenient to use. Since they come pre-charged and pre-filled, there’s no preparatory hassle involved with getting your hit of Delta 8. Once you’ve activated the Delta 8 vape, simply inhale through the mouthpiece as you would with any other vape, and exhale calmly. Once your disposable vape runs out, it’s time to toss it and get a new one.