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8-OH Hydroxy HHC Distillate (Shatter)


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Explore the world of HHC and its derivatives through 8-OH Hydroxy HHC distillate. Sourced from pure HHC distillate, 8-OH Hydroxy HHC offers a unique journey for your body. Upon consumption, it naturally boosts the production of 8-OH Hydroxy HHC, a key natural metabolite.

The captivating amber and crystalline appearance of 8-OH Hydroxy HHC distillate is a visual spectacle. Resembling THCv crystals or D8 shatter in form, this cannabinoid maintains its crystalline structure even at room temperature.

8-OH Hydroxy HHC distillate is meticulously crafted from premium, organic hemp extract cultivated on USA farms. Commitment to quality shines through rigorous laboratory testing, ensuring top-notch products that customers adore. No compromises, no shortcuts – OH Hydroxy HHC distillate undergoes extensive testing for quality, purity, and label integrity. Free from GMOs, fillers, and pollutants, dedication to purity guarantees that you experience HHC in its truest and purest form.


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