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Tre House Magic Mushroom Disposable (2000mg)


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Dive into the extraordinary with Tre House's Magic Mushrooms Disposable, loaded with 2 grams of a unique mushroom blend for a powerful, flavor-rich vaping journey. These vape pens are a testament to nature's prowess, crafted to boost relaxation, creativity, and overall well-being with all-natural, filler-free ingredients. Each draw delivers a balanced hit of our exclusive mushroom mix, perfect for both enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

Tre House offers a spectrum of enticing flavors, from the zesty Apple Tart to the refreshing Blue Jello, catering to every taste. Begin with one puff to assess its strength, and feel free to adjust your intake after 30 minutes to an hour.


1-4 Puffs – Float on air.

5-9 Puffs – Journey through the stars. 1

0+ Puffs – Experience lunar tranquility.