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Vivimu THCp Gummies


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THCa Live Resin, a concentrated extract derived from hemp, is renowned for its elevated potency and robust flavor spectrum. The meticulous production process employed safeguards the delicate terpenes and cannabinoids inherent in the hemp plant.

The manufacturing journey unfolds through the following stages:

  • Harvesting: Commencing with the careful selection of premium hemp plants at their pinnacle of cannabinoid and terpene richness. We opt for hemp varieties abundant in trichomes, the resin glands where cannabinoids and terpenes coalesce.
  • Flash-Freezing: Post-harvest, the live hemp plant material undergoes rapid freezing within 60 minutes, utilizing an IQF conveyor equipped with nitrogen spray. This instant freezing process optimizes freshness and safeguards volatile terpenes, preventing their degradation during the drying and curing phases.
  • Extraction: The freshly frozen live plant material serves as the foundation for extraction. Our method involves using hydrocarbons, specifically iso-butane as the solvent. Iso-butane effectively extracts cannabinoids and terpenes from the fresh frozen live plant material, resulting in Butane Hash Oil (BHO).
  • Closed-Loop System: Employing a closed-loop extraction system comprising interconnected chambers. The first chamber holds the fresh frozen live hemp-derived material, and the solvent is introduced to dissolve the desired compounds as it traverses over the plant material.
  • Purging: Employing a proprietary separation technique to isolate residual solvents from the BHO, yielding our premium live resin concentrate devoid of undesirable elements.