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Krave Kratom & Mushroom Capsules (100ct)


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Krave Kratom has introduced a fresh range of products merging the advantages of kratom with the potency of medicinal mushrooms.

For a natural energy boost, the White Thai + Cordyceps Mushroom blend is ideal, harnessing the energizing prowess of Cordyceps mushroom to complement the White Thai kratom's effects.

The Trainwreck + Turkey Tail Mushroom blend is a robust fusion promoting overall health and well-being. With Turkey Tail mushroom's immune-boosting properties and Trainwreck kratom's balanced, energizing experience, it provides a potent combination.

To stimulate the mind and enhance cognitive function, the Maeng Da + Lion’s Mane Mushroom blend is crafted. Lion's Mane mushroom's proven benefits in memory and concentration complement the mood-enhancing effects of Maeng Da kratom seamlessly.

For relaxation and unwinding, the Bali + Reishi Mushroom blend is the perfect choice. Reishi mushroom's calming and stress-reducing properties, combined with Bali kratom's pain relief and relaxation effects, offer a soothing experience.

Lastly, the Green Malay + Shiitake Mushroom blend combines the invigorating qualities of Green Malay kratom with Shiitake mushroom's immune-boosting prowess.