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HiXotic Magic Mushies Gummies (80g)


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HiXotic is back at it again with their proprietary nanotized nootropic blend of magic mushrooms. This time, this mushroom blend is in gummy format. These magic mushroom gummies come in 20 count gummy packs. Each gummy features 2.5mg of active mushroom blend each. This proprietary blend + Amanita has been said to give users mood enhancement effects, increased energy plus focus, euphoria, and increased creativity. The recommended dosing is as follows; 1-4mg is considered a micro dose, 5-10mg is considered a low dose, and 10-20mg is considered moderate to a high dose. These gummies are currently available in 3 delicious flavors.

  • 20 Gummies Per Bag
  • Proprietary Blend Of Mushroom Compound + Amanita
  • Does Not Contain Psilocybin Or Hemp Derivatives
  • Users Have Stated Mood Enhancement, Euphoria, Increased Creativity, and Focus
  • Suggest Use/Dosage – 1-4mg Microdose, 4-10mg Low Dose, and Moderate to High Dose is 10-20mg

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